“Daddy’s Home 2” Rivalry Passes to a New Generation with Mel Gibson and John Lithgow (Video)

Sequels often fall into a similar trap. With the first film completing an arch, it’s hard to continue a story without undoing the progress of the first film, but as we see in the DADDY’S HOME 2 trailer, the story has sidestepped this issue by bringing in a new rivalry: the grandpas. In pitch-perfect casting, Mel Gibson arrives on the scene as Dusty’s (Mark Wahlberg) father, Mr. Mayburn, and John Lithgow quickly follows as Brad’s (Will Ferrell) father, Mr. Whitaker.

It will be a rehash of the first in many ways, but because Dusty and Brad’s relationship has evolved into a hysterical partnership, it should be fun to watch them maintain that balance with the addition of their fathers as both families attempt to have their first combined Christmas together.

 | TV Editor
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