“Dunkirk” Trailer Showcases a Colossal Military Disaster with Tense Action and English Pride (Video)

, the latest blockbuster from filmmaker Christopher Nolan comes out this summer, and now we have a look at the official trailer.

The epic film is a take on World War II’s Battle of Dunkirk, which was an assault between Nazi Germany and Allied Forces and left hundreds of thousands of British soldiers stranded on French shores. The trailer has a lot of trademark Nolan qualities — its cold color palette, its massive set pieces, its familiar faces (Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy), but there’s an unexpected emotional quality at the center of the trailer as well.

There’s no doubting Nolan as a visionary director. Especially in recent years, he has become a big ideas type of director, leaving his films devoid of emotion, and that hasn’t worked for all audiences. While it’s too early to say whether Dunkirk will follow this model as a two-hour action set piece without a beating heart, this trailer teases something different.

It struck me watching the trailer when the text read “home came for them,” indicating a thread of English pride, of civilians like Mark Rylance’s character answering the call to sail to Dunkirk and save what English soldiers he can despite the fact that he’s not a soldier. And Rylance isn’t the only big name with a meaty role — there’s also the aforementioned Hardy as an English fighter pilot and Kenneth Branagh and James D’Arcy as military leaders who simply want to get their men home.

We’ll have to wait until July 21 to see if Dunkirk adds some emotional weight to Nolan’s filmography, but there’s certainly more to its plot and characters than initially believed.

 | Associate Editor
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