EMMYS 2015: The Tracking Board Predicts Who Will Win & Who Should Win

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Awards season makes gamblers out of all of us and already everyone with a TV is breaking out their crystal balls to predict who will take home a statue this Sunday  when the 67th Emmy Awards air on Fox. Some nominees are safe bets, some long-shots, but before all is said and done, we here at The Tracking Board thought we’d lend our expertise to predict who will win on Sunday night (and who should actually win).

Because, unfortunately, sometimes our precious Emmy’s play favorites (see: Jim Parson’s four Emmys or Modern Family’s five) and who we want to win isn’t always who does. And while we aren’t saying that any of the projected winners don’t deserve the recognition, we just think that in 2015 some players truly earned a win.

So, without further ado, here’s our lift of projected winners and those who should win. Comment below with who you think will win/should!


Will Win: Game of Thrones

After five seasons and a staggering amount of success, Game of Thrones finally looks poised to take the golden throne on the Emmy stage. Though the ceremony has primarily overlooked HBO’s fantasy drama, industry insiders say that this year winter is coming. Finally.

Should Win: Game of Thrones


Come on. Season five was the best in the history of the series. Every year the show’s been nominated, but never a Best Drama win. This year, Thrones is dominating with more noms than any other. This season’s “Hardhome” was one of the series’ best, finally delivering on the show’s promise: Winter is Coming. The undoubtedly relentless, tense, and cinematic attack on the Free Folk by the White Walkers put The Walking Dead‘s zombies to shame. This season re-invigorated the series, gearing up for even more greatness to come. It’s time for a win.


Will Win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Jon Hamm has never won an Emmy. Wait, what??? Unacceptable. His performance as Don Draper is a marvel to watch. This year, with the conclusion of Mad Men, Hamm is finally going to nab the award he so rightfully deserves.

Should Win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men

This is Hamm’s year alright. And if he doesn’t win, we’ll be much more than Mad.


Will Win: Viola Davis, How To Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis has that Oscar cred, and we all know how much the TV Academy loves it when Oscar nominees head to television. Davis’ fierce and powerful performance carries How To Get Away With Murder, making it one of the best new shows of 2015. As a two-time Oscar nominee, she’s the favorite to take home a win.

Should Win: Taraji P. Henson, Empire

Empire became one of the most watched series on TV, with growing numbers every episode – a lot of it because of Henson’s performance as the now iconic Cookie Lyon. Henson’s fearless portrayal helped catapult the show and keep viewers coming back every week. She was a revelation and deserves the win.


Will Win: Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad nostalgia is huge right now, and Jonathan Banks’ return as the gruff curmudgeon that is Mike Ehrmantraut was a welcome sight on Better Call Saul. And this season Mike got a well-deserved flashback episode, which introduced powerful new layers to the character. The TV Academy took note, expect Banks to pick up the win.

Should Win: Ben Mendelsohn, Bloodline


Ben Mendelsohn pulled off the role of a lifetime as Danny Rayburn, the lynchpin of the tragedy at the center of Bloodline. Mendelsohn’s character earned our sympathy, before taking a bone-chilling turn by the season’s end. What’s even scarier? Go into any gas station in South Florida and you’re bound to run into a Danny.


Will Win: Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Hendricks is the top choice to win for her performance as the enigmatic Joan Harris. After five consecutive nominations, it looks like she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Should Win: Lena Headey, Game Of Thrones

We love Hendricks, but if we’re talking the 2015 season, then it’s all Lena Headey. Headey was remarkable this year on Game of Thrones, with this season’s gripping and devastating arc where Cersei Lannister is forced to atone for her sins. We all wanted some just desserts, but this was just too heartbreaking. If Headey doesn’t win, then SHAME on the TV Academy.


Will Win: Modern Family

Modern Family is still the safe bet to take home the gold. The comedy is a mega-hit and still drawing huge numbers. And of course, the members of the TV Academy are fans, having awarded the show five consecutive wins. Now it looks like TV’s darling is poised for a sixth.

Should Win: Veep

Enough! Something needs to overthrow Modern Family‘s endless reign. And there’s nothing better than Veep. The critical darling is a hit, praised for it’s biting humor and sharp, pointed writing. Not to mention that it’s singularly one of the funniest shows on TV. With a slew of nominations and past wins for Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, it’s time that the series took home the biggest prize.


Will Win: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent

Tambor’s nuanced performance on Transparent has already received countless, deserved accolades and praise, especially from the Golden Globes. Nominated in the past, but never a win, Tambor shined this year and will finally be recognized for his best performance yet.

Should Win: Will Forte, Last Man On Earth

We aren’t saying that Tambor doesn’t deserve it, but we’re talking comedy here. Tambor delivers a truly incredible performance on Transparent, but we aren’t so inclined to call that series a comedy. The show’s got some laughs, but Tambor belongs up in the drama category. Will Forte delivered the funniest turn of the 2015 TV season with his hilarious, morally-corrupt Phil Miller. Forte commands every scene he’s in, dominating with his impeccable comedic timing and exceptional physical humor.


Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

This is hardly a surprise, as Julia Louis-Dreyfus has owned this category ever since Veep began. An Emmy favorite, look for her to win gold for a third consecutive year.

Should Win: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Like Steve Carell before her, Amy Poehler has never won an enemy for her iconic and beloved Leslie Knope. Parks and Rec is one of those dark horses that everyone loves, but kind of glazes over during awards season. With this being the final season, it’ll be a crying shame if Poehler never wins. I mean, come on! VOTE LESLIE KNOPE!


Will Win: Tituss Burgess, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This year Tituss Burgess became the breakout in comedy television. His comedic timing is unmatched and he effortlessly steals every scene he’s in. He’s already received endless praise, but it’s time to cement it and give him the award. Good thing he’s the frontrunner.

Should Win: TIE – Tituss Burgess + Tony Hale, Veep

We know, we know. Ties aren’t fair and we should be disgusted for not standing firm. But, can you blame us? Both Tony Hale and Tituss Burgess were wonders this year, and we’d be happy if either walked away with a statue. Hale of course won in 2013, but the reliable funnyman is just so good as the awkward and hapless Gary Walsh that we wouldn’t mind him taking another win. Though, we are still just as equally rooting for Tituss.


Will Win: Allison Janney, Mom


Janney’s a lock and the TV Academy adores her. She’s already won three Emmys and took home the prize last year for Mom. If you’re looking to throw money down, Janney’s a surefire.

Should Win: Anna Chlumsky, Veep

Anna Chlumsky is just fantastic. But on Veep she shines as the uptight, about-to-snap Amy Brookheimer. She’s hilarious and  goes  toe-to-toe with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and holds her own. This season, when Amy finally stands up to Selina, she speaks for all put-down, mistreated employees everywhere. After three consecutive nominations, it’s her time to win. You’re our hero Anna Chlumsky. We love you, and you deserve all the awards.

What did you think of our choices? What were yours? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget to look for our Emmy coverage live this Sunday!

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