{Exclusive} RUMOR: Kathryn Bigelow, Mimi Leder, And Catherine Hardwicke On “Tomb Raider” Directors Shortlist


〉 Rumor has it that producers are closing in on Bigelow, Leder or Hardwicke

The rumors are swirling around town that producers of the fast-tracked Tomb Raider reboot have narrowed down their list of potential directors to three: , , and .

The reboot is being produced by Warner Bros., MGM, and Interactive.

Tricia Brock, whose prolific career directing television includes everything from The Walking Dead to Girls, was previously reported to be attached, but our sources tell us she’s officially passed on the project. Producers are still determined to see “a Michelle MacLaren type” helm the script by Evan Daugherty, and now we’re hearing that Bigelow, Hardwicke, and Leder are on the shortlist to take Brock’s place.

Tomb Raider, based on the best-selling video game series, centers on archeologist Lara Croft as she travels the globe seeking priceless artifacts, battling evil alchemists, vicious mummies– even crocodiles–along the way. The franchise previously spawned two films with Angelina Jolie in the title role, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Cradle of Life. While the first installment earned a tidy box office, the sequel was panned by loyal fans and jaded critics alike.

Bigelow, who won an Oscar for her direction of The Hurt Locker and was nominated for Best Picture for Zero Dark Thirty, would certainly be a fantastic choice. Bigelow’s shortlisting could suggest that the Tomb Raider reboot may be taking on a more serious tone–not unlike the Daniel Craig-era of the Bond franchise. Bigelow certainly has what it takes to create tension, manage suspense and direct action, while never losing sight of her characters and their stories.


Leder proved her abilities to handle set-piece heavy action films with The Peacemaker and Deep Impact in the 90s, and her involvement would mark a welcome return to the Hollywood spotlight for the veteran director.

As for Hardwicke, the Twilight director could steer the tone of the project towards in a melodramatic direction. Hardwicke’s schedule, however, has her attached to direct half-a-dozen projects over the next two years, which could spell conflict if producers are pushing for an early 2016 start date.

Given the international success of The Hunger Games franchise, the eager anticipation for the upcoming Wonder Woman film, and movie-going audiences’ general desire to see more female action heroes gracing the big sreen, it seems only natural that the studios would be eager to move forward with Tomb Raider’s re-set. We’ll keep you posted as we try to lock down confirmation, and until then, we’ll just keep hoping that there’s truth to this rumor.

Bigelow, Hardwicke, and Leder are all repped by .


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