Meet the “Inhumans” in First Trailer for New Marvel Series (Video)

Black Bolt, Medusa, and the whole Attilan gang are here (even Lockjaw!) in the first trailer for Marvel’s new series . But… you’re forgiven if you don’t know what any of that means.

Beyond the Inhumans trailer not being all that exciting, it also does a poor job at introducing less-than-familiar audiences to some of the Marvel’s lesser known characters. The Inhumans are a reclusive race of superhumans (created by the Kree alien race experimenting on humans), with most of the comics focusing on the Royal Family ruled by the aforementioned Black Bolt and Medusa and their hesitant integration into normal human society. Granted, an initial trailer doesn’t need to get into all of this nitty-gritty, but it’s hard to follow and understand exactly who the Inhumans are from this first glimpse (at least the Royal Family, given Agents of SHIELD has already introduced their version of the Inhumans).

From what we can glean from the trailer, Iwan Rheon’s Maximus wants the Inhumans to go to Earth, which is a no-go, and… that’s about it. If you’re wondering about that wig on Medusa, yes, her hair has abilities of its own.

The best moment in the trailer, by far, is when Black Bolt is facing off against the police and he grunts, revealing just a fraction of the damage he can do with his voice (hence why he’s silent throughout the trailer and why when Maximus confronts him, he has a moment of terror as Black Bolt opens his mouth to speak). Black Bolt is a fascinating character within the Marvel universe, and certainly unlike anyone else in the MCU, which is part of what makes this mediocre trailer so disappointing.

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