Netflix Documentary “Icarus” Leads Viewers Through the World of an International Scandal (VIDEO)

Netflix has dropped an intense trailer for the upcoming feature documentary , which chronicles Bryan Fogel’s investigation into the world of sports doping. Fogel teams up with Russian scientist, Dr. Gregory Rodchenkov, who from the trailer appears to the be the key to the undoing of the international scandal.

“When the truth is more complex than imagined and accusations of illegalities run to Russia’s highest chains of command,” Netflix says,” the two realize they hold the power to reveal the biggest international sports scandal in living memory. Exemplifying the special bond between filmmaker and subject, this is a vital portrait of the sacrifice some people will make to stand up for the truth. Icarus places you at the heart of an international game of cat and mouse, where a miscalculation can cost you your life.”

The timing of this trailer is also (probably unintentionally) perfect, if only because HBO’s mockumentary Tour de Pharmacy starring Andy Samberg, depicting doping in the world of cycling, debuts this weekend.

 | Staff Writer
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