Oscar-Winner Damien Chazelle Sells Hit List Script “The Claim”

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La La Land writer-director has optioned the movie rights to his mystery thriller to . Oceanside’s Scott Clayton will produce with Route One Entertainment’s Russell Levin and Motion Picture Capital’s Leon Clarance.

The script centers on a single father with a criminal background who must uncover the whereabouts of his kidnapped daughter while fighting the mysterious claims of another couple who insist that the child is theirs. The spec made the 2010 Hit List and was previously featured on the Black List.

Jay Stern and Chip Diggins are attached to produce The Claim, and Laure Vaysse will executive produce. Sophia Dilley will co-produce.

Chazelle has already lined up his next directing project with First Man, a biopic of astronaut Neil Armstrong starring Ryan Gosling. It will debut October of next year.

Chazelle is represented by and .


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  1. Is Chazelle directing this before First Man or is just the writer?

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