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  • The Complete Spec Market — Exclusively tracking over 2,500 specs, pitches and film rights as they hit the market
  • Heat Meters – Tracking what’s happening with specs as it happens, as buzz builds, and projects progress
  • Forums & Bulletin, joining a professional community of over 9,000 people including writers, producers, agents, executives & assistants
  • Discounted rates on all of our coverage and an opportunity for TB Recommends – the program that has now launched careers such as Dan Dollar, Santa Sierra, Michael Perri, Erik W. Van Der Wolf, Mukilan Thangamani and many more!
  • Up to the minute information on the Launch Pad Competitions
  • Members only content – Including exclusive festival party grids, invitations, and access (Sundance, TIFF, Cannes, Comic-Con)
  • OWA grids – Tracking all of the open writing assignments in Hollywood
  • TV Grids – Tracking all pilots as they progress through the development cycle, from pitch/sale to pilot to pick up to air, we’ve got you covered
  • Members Forum, where members can chat, exchange, develop and become part of one of the fastest growing entertainment communities around.


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