Sundance Hit “Brigsby Bear” Keeps Things Mysterious in Teaser Trailer (Video)

Sony Pictures Classics picked up heartfelt indie comedy BRIGSBY BEAR after it debuted to strong reviews earlier this year at Sundance. The trailer keeps the plot hidden but the released description of the film gives more information, stating that Kyle Mooney plays a sheltered young man who, upon learning his favorite children’s show has ended with a cliffhanger, sets out to make a movie and finish the story on his own. While some reviews have given larger parts of the story away, the trailer keeps it hidden along with the countless jokes that fill the feature, choosing instead to give a taste of the beautiful filmmaking and magical world of Brigsby Bear, the show within the film. The all-star cast that includes SNL‘s Kyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, Michaela Watkins, Matt Walsh, Greg Kinnear, and Claire Danes, among others, and should alert viewers who can’t tell from the teaser alone that this film will make them laugh.

Click here to read our review of the film.

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