{TB EXCLUSIVE} Chris Columbus Is On Board to Produce “Gremlins” Remake


is set to produce the remake of , which tells the story of a boy who gets a strange creature for Christmas, only to, through his own negligence, unleash a horde of the little monsters on his town. The project has been in the works for a while, with Seth Grahame-Smith and set to produce through their company, but it was unknown whether Columbus, who wrote the script of the original movie, would return. Original producer is also involved in some production capacity.

When asked about the possibility of working on a “Gremlins” remake several years ago, Columbus was coy, saying that it would be a fun project to return to, but “it’s impossible to recreate in a CGI environment. I think it will inevitably lose some of its charm.” Hopefully, Columbus’ involvement with the reboot means that the gremlins will not be computer-generated, this time around.

“Gremlins” isn’t the only beloved 80s property that Columbus is returning to. He has also been confirmed as a producer for “The Goonies 2,” the sequel to the 1985 film which he wrote. Once again, he’ll work with .

There’s always some trepidation whenever Hollywood revisits an old favorite. “Gremlins” is beloved for its perfect blend of camp, intelligence, humor, and horror, and it’s hard to imagine lightning striking twice. But hopefully, with so many old names on board, the remake can retain some of the original’s magic.

Columbus is repped by .


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