{TB EXCLUSIVE} The “Logan’s Run” Remake Will Now Have A Female Lead

〉With Ryan Gosling out, the script has been reworked for a female lead. 

Over the past couple of decades, Warner Bros. has been working on developing an adaptation of the 1967 dystopian thriller novel LOGAN’S RUN by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. Most recently, Ryan Gossling was attached to star with Nicolas Winding Refn on board to direct. Now, with the departure of both Gosling and Refn, the studio are hunting down a fresh writer to develop the film for a female lead. In the 1976 MGM adaptation, Logan was portrayed by Michael York. 

The story involves a futuristic society where the amount of the consumption of resources could only be maintained if humans are killed when they reach a certain age. Logan is a hunter that must track down the people who have disobeyed the law, until the tables turn and Logan becomes the hunted. 

The change to a female lead comes in the midst of a major shift in Hollywood storytelling. Recent female-led action films have broken new ground at the box office, and Hollywood is paying attention. The Hunger Games and Divergent series have both become incredibly lucrative franchises, proving that the absence of a male lead will not keep audiences away (in fact, quite the opposite). Paul Feig’s upcoming female-led Ghostbusters is another example of the wave of upcoming female-driven blockbusters, with studios scrambling to change the classically male-dominated genre.

The novel Logan’s Run was released in the midst of the Vietnam War. Changing the film to have a female lead doesn’t change the story of the source material. At its core, it is a critique of the human race. 


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