“Tremors” Re-Boot Surfaces at Universal


Don Micheal Paul has recently confirmed that after completing “Company Of Heroes: The Fourth Reich” he’ll be headed off the South Africa to reboot the franchise. While the original series was plagued by bad special effects and far too many sequels, it’s possible that with the leaps in special effects after 25 years and a fresh take on the old series, a reboot could be successful. Even if it doesn’t win any awards for subtlety, there will always be people excited to see giant man-eating worms shoot up from the ground and devour people.

Paul has recently directed “Sniper: Legacy” which is slated for release by Sony in September as well as “Jarhead 2: Field Of Fire,” also set for a fall release. The original “Tremors” features a Kevin Bacon early in his acting career as handyman Valentine “Val” McKee, the film’s protagonist. While it’s still too early to really speculate, a role or cameo from Bacon will be hoped for by the nostalgic cult fans of the series.

Paul is repped by .


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