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6 Responses to WHILE ROME BURNS (SPEC)

  1. Wowwww that sounds like one convoluted and ridiculous MacGuffin. Hope the actual writing is more clever than that… A bullet with a secret passcode…. Okay, right… Must be one of those Magic Bullets that don’t distort when fired into a human body.

  2. The script describes the bullet as FMJ’s (full metal jackets) non-deformation slugs. As someone who has researched this stuff before, it wouldn’t necessarily mushroom or distort by going through flesh. But I’d like to see these magic bullets you describe.

    • Google “magic bullet” JFK… Fascinating bit of conspiracy history. I was just making an obtuse Jokey/reference to it.

      And OK.. let’s buy the FMJ. Fired at point blank into a body and it hits NO bone. It ain’t staying in the body. See you can’t forgive one giant ask — and then ignore another. Just seems like an overly-convoluted premise, which I’m sure could be easily changed to something else more logically clever. Clearly the movie isn’t “about” the bullet. It’s just a device to get it going…

      Sometimes doing things just cuz they “sound” cool in a script — you have to be able to visualize it and realize how cartoony foolish it would actually be if someone actually filmed it that way. And I read the scene — it would not play on film.

      • Fair comment. But if you read the script, didn’t you get a sort of stylistic tongue-in-cheek vibe? I guess if they film it, they’ll find a way of it to work on screen. Some way to cushion the shot so it doesn’t exit the body. I didn’t dwell on it for too long. As you said, it’s really the catalyst for everything that happens. Nothing hinges on it. But you make valid points :)

  3. Guy Ritchie/Smokin’ Aces pitch is right on. Once you read the script with that tone in mind, then you’ll get it

    • Totally. I got a sort of EarlyRitchie/EarlyTarantino vibey tone funneled through Smokin’ Aces as pitch says.

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