“You’re the Worst” Showrunner: Season 4 Is the “Boy Loses Girl” Section of the Rom Com

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In the twisted romantic comedy that is FXX’s YOU’RE THE WORST, Season 4 lands us smack dab in the middle of the “boy loses girl” section of the story, according to showrunner Stephen Falk.

“Traditionally, it’s boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl again,” Falk told Tracking Board ahead of Wednesday’s Season 4 premiere. “It feels like we’re in that place. We’re in ‘Rachel and Ross take a break.’ We’re in the troubled part. I don’t know exactly where, if you broke it down into acts… Middle of Act 2? But yeah, we’re in that place. Trouble in Paradise.”

It makes sense, since Season 3 left us with Jimmy (Chris Geere) proposing to Gretchen (Aya Cash) and then immediately getting spooked and driving off, leaving her alone on a mountaintop in the middle of the night.

It was such an extreme end to a relationship that Falk and the writers had to write themselves out of a corner since, in almost any other normal relationship, the two people involved could logically never speak to each other again.

“We’re really trying to mirror the normal steps of a relationship, but always through a very specific Jimmy-Gretchen lens, so it’s always a funhouse mirror version of everything,” Falk said. “Their first meeting, they slept together within five minutes, that’s not normally what people do. Usually people who move in together, they wait a while, they have a discussion. Jimmy and Gretchen all have the same trepidation and fears about it, but it happens faster because she burns down her apartment with a vibrator [laughs]. We’re now taking that step that a lot of couples go through, where they split up. While it’s an extreme event, to propose to someone and then literally drive away, it is within keeping of our funhouse mirror version of a regular relationship.”

Season 4 will also see Jimmy and Gretchen coming to terms with how they have been affected and changed by their relationship, past and present.

“I think the emotional core [of this season] is the notion that life experiences, no matter how self-sufficient, self-actualized you think you are, they have an effect on you,” Falk previewed. “Things that happen, they leave marks, they leave indentations. For Jimmy and Gretchen, characters who pride themselves on being islands, being able to just kind of keep going no matter what happens and be above it all, this season, the characters learn that they’ve been affected by each other, that they’ve been irrevocably changed by having met each other. And I think that has good points and bad points but that’s sort of the story we’re telling for everyone this season.”

For more on what’s in store for Jimmy and Gretchen, as well as Edgar (Desmin Borges) and Lindsay (Kether Donohue), check back for more of our interview with Falk following the season premiere episode.

You’re the Worst returns for Season 3 on Wednesday, September 6 on FXX.

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