A24 Acquires Horror Spec Script “Bodies Bodies Bodies” from “Cat Person” Author


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A24 is starting of their latest horror movie , written by Cat Person author Kristen Ropeunian, the Tracking Board has confirmed.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is Roupenian’s first stab at screenwriting. A24 did not disclose details of the story, other than saying it infuses a “fresh, incisive perspective” into the horror genre, mixing together elements of shrewd character study, mystery, and deep-seeded scares. A24 is fast- the film for .

A24 is behind a handful of horror films including The Witch, Ex Machina, Green Room, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Under the Skin, The Monster, and Blackcoat’s Daughter. This summer they’ll be releases Hereditary, which got rave reviews from Sundance.

Ropeunian is the author of the popular New Yorker fiction story Cat Person. The book follows a downhill relationship and delves into the dynamics of millennial dating, turned into a viral phenomenon and became the most-read fiction story the New Yorker published throughout 2017. She also made a seven-figure deal with Scout Press for her next collection of stories, she is represented by and .

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