Alec Baldwin Sets “SNL” Record Booking Hosting Duties for 17th Time


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Actor  is breaking a new record next month as he is set to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE for a 17th time. Baldwin has appeared on several episodes this season already portraying Donald Trump but this will be his first time hosting since he opened the 2011 season.

The variety has been making headlines all season long as then-PEOTUS Trump tweeted his reactions to Baldwin’s impersonations of him, often alongside Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and Kellyanne Conway, and Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin.

SNL has been in the news again this week regarding the , but not just because of his tweets but due to SNL writer Katie Rich’s tweets which appeared to target the ’s son Barron Trump. The posts immediately drew criticism, leading Rich to quickly delete the tweet and issue and apology, but Rich was suspended. Now there has been an outpouring of support for Rich.

With a show that mocks the and former host, and receives immediate feedback from the via twitter, the line between what is and isn’t appropriate is quickly blurring. Comedian Amy Schumer infuriated fans with her lack of quick response to those who wanted a writer fired for his alleged harassment of others online, but NBC is not taking any chances. After letting go of Billy Bush for audio recorded remarks with the , the network appears to be taking a no tolerance policy for what their employees do when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Baldwin will host on February 11 with Ed Sheeran as musical guest.

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