Amy Pascal Acquires Spec Script “The Post” About the Pentagon Papers


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In a competitive bidding war, and her company came away with the new spec , . The hails from writer and this is her first spec deal. The film will be produced by Pascal and Star Thrower Entertainment’s Tim and Trevor White. Rachel O’Connor, the head of Pascal’s banner, will executive produce.

The is based on the true story of the Washington Post’s exposé on the Pentagon Papers and the Post’s editor, Ben Bradlee, and publisher, Kay Graham, challenging the federal government over their right to publish the story.

The Papers is a Department of Defense history of the US involvement in the Vietnam War, which reveals the secret escalation of the war by the US government, including the bombing of both Cambodia and Laos, as well as various raids. Military analyst Daniel Ellsberg first leaked the Papers to the New York Times, and then later gave more information to Bradlee. The Supreme Court eventually ruled the publications were protected under the First Amendment.

Given the success and popularity of films like All the President’s Men and this year’s Best Picture winner, Spotlight, this story is ripe for a strong film.

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