“Big” Moves From Silver Screen to Small Screen


by: Sammy Mink

In yet another silver screen to small screen conversion, is re-booting for TV. Fox bought the comedy from and who will write and executive produce the project, which is based on the 1988 Tom Hanks film. Just like the film, the adaptation will center on what it means to be an adult or a kid in our modern world and how difficult it is to stay young once you’ve grown up.

This project is just the latest of many film-to-series adaptations in the past few seasons. Just in the past few seasons, we’ve seen reboots of “Fargo,” “About a Boy,” and “The Odd Couple,” though admittedly that was a show, too, at one point. Biegel and Royce are accomplished TV who have separately worked on series like “Scrubs” and “Everybody Love Raymond,” before collaborating on “Enlisted.”

Biegel is repped by . Royce is with and .



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