Charlize Theron, Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman Reunite for “Tully” Which Looks Like a Funnier “Bad Mom” Comedy (Video)


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Jason Reitman’s second movie Juno, written by Diablo Cody, got them both a ton of awards attention back in 2007 with Cody winning an Oscar for her first screenplay. The two of them reunited a few years later for Young Adult, starring , which wasn’t as big a commercial hit, but the movie had its fans for sure.

After a few missteps with Men, Women and Children (which I really liked) and Labor Day (which sadly was overshadowed in “best use of a pie” by both American Pie and A Ghost Story), Reitman has reteamed with Cody and Theron for , a film about a bad mother who requires some added help with her kids.

Focus Features just released the very first trailer for the dark comedy which has at least one moment that literally had me laughing out loud and thinking of friends with young toddlers.

In the movie, Theron plays Marlo, the (not quite so good) mother of three children who is gifted a nanny by her brother (Mark Duplass), and Marlo begins to form a bond with the young nanny Tully, played by MacKenzie Davis (The Martian). The film also stars Ron Livingston as Marlo’s hubby.

Honestly, this looks like a great get for Focus Features, who currently has a hit in theaters with Darkest Hour starring Gary Oldman and are looking to expand Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread wider. At one point, it looked like Oldman and Phantom Thread star Daniel Day Lewis might be going head-to-head at the Oscars, too.

You can watch the first teaser trailer below.

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