Comic-Con 2016 — New “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” Footage Includes Fleetwood Mac, Baby Groot, And Star Lord’s Daddy


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Marvel’s favorite ragtag group of space misfits are back and they brought a couple of new friends and some new music with them.

Director James Gunn and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, and Michael Rooker (in full Yondu makeup) took the stage as the final panel in the Marvel presentation in Hall H. They were joined by newcomers Elizabeth Debicki who will be playing Ayesha and Pom Klementieff, who will be playing the mysterious Mantis. Then there is the ultimate addition to the roster: Snake Plissken himself, Kurt Russell — who, as everyone guessed, will be playing Star Lord’s (Pratt) father, Ego.

Pulsating with Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” Gunn shared a trailer that was filled with a bunch of surprises. It not only confirmed the fatherly secret, but also included Star Lord and Gamora bickering about her weapon of choice, Drax asking if Star Lord’s father about his penis, Rocket unintentionally insulting Ayesha, our first look at Sylvester Stallone, and a baby Groot that is more adorable than any baby you will see in your entire life. The trailer is also filled with laughs. Good ones…and lots of them. Because what would be a Gunn film without some irreverent humor and the occasional immature prank by Rocket.

Groot was also shown in a clip of the movie which had the baby tree being bullied (not cool), but later has him trying to help Yondu and Rocket escape from jail. Why they are in jail was never covered, but the escape was phenomenal. With his whistle-controlled arrow, Yondu leads the breakout and racks up an impressive body count and, at one point, the bodies are literally falling from the sky while Rocket walks by his side with nonchalant swag. It also gave scene-stealing Groot a chance to get some sweet revenge on those who bullied him…and it’s really cute, obviously.

Still, not much info was given about the movie’s story. What we do know is that gold-skinned Ayesha hires the Guardians for a and things go awry — but that’s ALL we know. Even Klementieff couldn’t say much about her character. However, it’s no surprise that Marvel would keep Guardians details under wraps. Instead of putting it all out on the table in the first trailer like everyone else, Gunn holds back and  puts the focus on the movie’s signature comedy and the movie’s fantastically visual space opera realness. And I’m fine with that.

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