Derek Hough Leaps and Twirls Into “Nashville”



, best known as a pro dance partner on “Dancing with the Stars,” will appear in several episodes of ABC’s . The drama follows a fading country star (Connie Britton) who begins opening for a rising teen singer (Hayden Panettiere) in order to keep her afloat. Hough will play actor Noah West, who crosses paths with the women after getting a role playing a famous country singer in a movie.

This is Hough’s most high profile acting gig to date, but it’s not his first one. He starred in last year’s dance drama “Make Your Move,” and appeared on an episode of the 2010 comedy “Better With You.” And way, way back, pre-“Dancing with the Stars,” he appeared as an extra in “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone.” (He was a Ravenclaw student.)

Hough is repped by and .



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