Ethan Hawke Has “24 Hours to Live” in Trailer for His Upcoming Action-Thriller (Video)


is an actor who hasn’t been afraid to venture into genre territory from time to time, and he’s doing so again with the high concept action-thriller 24 Hours to Live, for which released a new trailer earlier this week.

Directed by stuntman Brian Smrz, who has worked on most of the X-Men movies, with a screenplay by Zach Dean (Deadfall), the movie has Hawke playing Travis Conrad, an assassin who has been killed on the . When his employer finds a way to bring him back to life so he can get revenge, it gives him 24 hours more to live.

Basil Iwanyk and Kent Kubena of Thunder Road Pictures produced the movie with Gregory Ouanhon of Mark Gao’s Fundamental Films, and it co-stars Xu Qing, Liam Cunningham, Rutger Hauer and Paul Anderson.

will release 24 Hours to Live in New York and L.A. and On Demand December 1, but it will be available on Ultra VOD starting Nov. 3. You can watch the trailer for the movie below.

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