{Exclusive} International Phenomenon “The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep” Hits The Market



        〉 Author and illustrator Carl-Johan Forssén Eherlin went from self-publishing success story to massive seven figure deal

The rights to the international phenomenon THE RABBIT WHO WANTS TO FALL ASLEEP have hit the television and film market, with agents hoping the illustrated bestseller will become an animated juggernaut. ’s children’s book, which the Swedish author originally self-published in 2010, was recently picked up by  and  in a seven-figure, three book deal.

Eherlin is repped by of , with handling the television and film rights for RWSG. A revised eBook was released on September 8th, and both the revised book and two audio versions are set for release on October 2nd.

The story centers on Roger the Rabbit, a sleep-deprived rabbit who seeks the help of his Mommy Rabbit and his Uncle Yawn to fall asleep. They meet Sleepy Snail and the wise Heavy-Eyed Owl who give him good advice on how to fall asleep faster. After Uncle Yawn sprinkles a magical sleeping powder over Roger, he eventually becomes so tired that he barely makes it home before finally falling asleep, and staying asleep throughout the night.


Eherlin, who is a Swedish behavioral scientist and linguist, self-published the book in 2010 on Amazon’s CreateSpace. It quickly topped the Amazon charts, with strong word-of-mouth and positive reviews propelling it into 40 territories worldwide. It has been endorsed by psychologists and therapists worldwide as a safe and effective resource to help parents get their restless children to fall asleep, with a unique structure that allows the to create a personalized story.

It’s easy to see the potential for The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep to make the jump from a beloved illustrated book to various media platforms. The story, with its colorful images and simple, yet defined characters, is ideal for an animated television series adaptation, on a network like Nick Jr., Disney XD or PBS. A video series, too, could become every parent’s go-to resource when in need of a sleep aid for a restless toddler. Wherever the property lands, you can bet that plenty of Roger The Rabbit merchandise will be hitting the shelves soon.


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