HBO 2018 Directing Fellowship Open for Entries


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HBO’s 2018 Directing Fellowship has opened for submissions, the premium cable network announced Monday.

The 2018 Directing Fellowship is led by HBO Access, HBO’s emerging talent pipeline program. Applications will stay open for one week and end at midnight PST on February 7, 2018.

In partnership with the DGA, the program, which takes place twice a year, will identify three directors to participate in a series of master classes with the goal of shooting a pilot.

The 2018 fellowship will take place from June 4-8 with the pilot expected to shoot in July.

The material selected for will be chosen from the scripts developed in the HBOAccess 2017 Writing Fellowship, which concludes this spring.

During the fellowship, the three participants will be immersed in the process taking part in casting, collaborating with a cinematographer and assistant director, scouting locations, and working with an experienced crew through post.

Alumni of the program have gone on to direct episodes of series television for multiple networks including HBO. From the 2016 directing group, Pete Chatmon directed episodes of Blackish and Grownish and will also direct an upcoming HBO comedy, Kevin Lau, writer/director, is now staffed as a writer on an upcoming HBO series, and Kate Marks’ pilot shot through the fellowship has gone to festivals and has won two awards at NYTV Fest.

The HBOAccess Writing Fellowship will return in 2019.

You can apply for the directing fellowship here.

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