Jeffrey Donovan & Matthew Fox Deal With World War 3 In “Welcome To Harmony”


By: James Silverwolfe

and have landed leads in . Set in the very near future, the story takes place in the midst of World War 3, a war fought fought with nukes, and a vicious new strain of chemical virus that turned the remaining survivors of the nuclear fallout into something monstrous. Now, the three remaining survivors of Bangor, Maine, must cling together to survive the elements, the freezing temperatures, and the things that come in the night.

Miguel Angel Vivas will direct from a script he co-wrote with Alberto Marini. Borja Pena and Jaume Collet-Serra will produce.

Donovan is best known for “Burn Notice” and is repped by . Fox is best known as Jack in “Lost” and last appeared in (a slightly diminished role) “World War Z.”



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