Justin Long Dresses Like A Walrus For Michael Parks In “Tusk”


By: James Silverwolfe

has joined the cast of opposite Michael Parks. The story revolves around a man (Parks) who places an online ad to rent out a room in his house for free, as long as the person dresses as a walrus for two hours per day. Long will play the (un)lucky man in the walrus suit in a role once meant for Quentin Tarantino. Yea, that’s all pretty weird.

Kevin Smith will direct from his own script, pushing back the inevitable “Clerks III,” which has a good chance of being the new poster child for unnecessary. Jason Blum will produce. Blum must have a life hack that makes him aware of any idea that takes place in a contained space, right? Like google alerts for life.

Long was last seen in “iSteve” and “A Case of You.” He will next appear in “The Lookalike” and the “Veronica Mars” movie. If you want roles he totally knocked out of the park then try “Galaxy Quest,” “Drag Me To Hell” and “Youth In Revolt.”

He is repped by ICM.

Source: /Film



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