Launch Pad Alum Melissa Emery signs with Adrian Garcia of Recon Literary




2017 Launch Pad Competition Alum Melissa Emery has become the latest writer to find reps through our competition, inking with longtime agent turned manager of . With her signing Melissa, a former tech executive and comedian lands with one of the fastest growing new companies and with a manager who has already been lighting the town ablaze on the spec market in 2018!

Melissa was the voice behind the Launch Pad script COWBOY BOB, which has been described as Hell or High Water meets Dog Day Afternoon and follows the true story of Peggy Jo Tallas, a woman who decided to dress as a man and rob banks in order to make ends meet when she and her mother accumulated enormous medical bills. Our readers noted Melissa’s deft balance of emotion and action, with complex themes and a fantastic lead role for an ambitious actress. The engaging writing draws in the reader with tension, suspense, and plenty of surprises.

A first time finalist in the Launch Pad when winners were announced this Spring, Melissa has also found success with her writing by earning finalist spots in the Page Awards, Screencraft Fellowship, Emerging Screenwriters Competitions, and the Warner Bros. Writers Workshop. She’s a research junky, with a fondness for true to life underdog stories, and the discovery of new social perspectives within them.

With this signing, Melissa joins the more than 360 writers who have found representatives through the Launch Pad Competition since it began in 2013.

A hearty congratulations to Melissa. We can’t wait to see what comes next!




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