Launch Pad Finalist Irina Ivanova Signs With Energy Entertainment (Exclusive)


Irina Ivanova


〉Ivanova joins over 200 Launch Pad who have gained representation.

We are proud to announce that Launch Pad alum has signed with at his own . Ivanova joins the ranks of over 200 who have secured representation from the competition since 2013. Weaver is no stranger to repping from the Launch Pad  Competition, and recently signed Danny Newell, another LPMC alum.

Ivanova’s Top 10 manuscript HUMAN, ANEW was not only a favorite with our judges, but was also chosen as one of our Guaranteed Option Winners to be produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free. Pitched as Blade Runner meets I, Robot, the project centers on a detective who uncovers a massive conspiracy involving the artificial intelligence robots that are used by police to recreate victims’ personalities in order to help solve their murders.

An undeniably fresh and topical premise that engages with themes of corruption, law enforcement, and the dangers of technology, Human, Anew is wholly of the moment despite its futuristic setting. Utilizing aspects of noir, conspiracy thrillers, and sci-fi in crafting its sinister and (rightfully) paranoid tone, the story deftly creates the perfect atmosphere that kept our readers and judges enthralled. Ivanova’s writing is vivid and thrilling, and her characters have distinct personalities and a fun rapport that perfectly fits the project’s quick pace.

When she’s not crafting engaging sci-fi mysteries, Ivanova is an engineer by trade. However, storytelling has always been her passion, and one she pursues from every angle, be it novels, comics, movies, or even games. She first began taking her writing seriously once she successfully competed for a spot in Viable Paradise, a sci-fi and fantasy ’ workshop that lets newcomers learn from and work with award-winning authors and editors in the literary field. Since then, Ivanova has been focused on developing her craft and her voice as a writer, the efforts of which are certainly reflected in her Launch Pad manuscript.

Congratulations, Irina!

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