Macon Blair & Jeremy Saulnier Will Tackle William Giraldi’s Gritty “Hold The Dark”


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The creative force behind the sleeper hit, Blue Ruin, and this year’s TIFF thriller, Green Room, have already found their next undertaking. will direct ’s adaptation of , by . A24 will produce the film alongside of VisionChaos Productions and Rusell Ackerman & John Schoenfelder of Addictive Pictures.

Hold the Dark follows the villagers in the remote tundra of Alaska. When a child is stolen by a pack of wolves, the village brings in an expert wolf hunter to bring the child back and take care of the creatures. The hunt required him to face all of the cruelty of nature, and eventually, recognize his own failings as a man. In addition to the frozen wilderness that faces the hunter, the child’s father has decided to follow behind on the hunt in a frenzy of grief, and it’s hard to tell what/who the father is hunting.

Saulnier’s latest film, Green Room, has been a hit this year at Toronto. It follows a punk band that becomes stranded at a venue after stumbling upon a gruesome scene. He is repped by CAA and .

Blair has been a constant creative partner to Saulnier, and gave a heartbreaking performance in Blue Ruin. This will be the first time, however, that Saulnier will direct one of his scripts since their 2004 short, Crabwalk. He is repped by .


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This news was first reported by TheWrap.


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