MGM Developing 9/11 Air Force One Film Based on Recent Politico Article


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In a high-stakes auction, MGM won the rights to a Politico article published last month written by . WE’RE THE ONLY PLANE IN THE SKY details the story of President George W. Bush when he was evacuated from a classroom in Sarasota, Florida on to Air Force One after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

Presented as an oral history based on interviews with top aides, reporters, members of Congress, and more, the article recounts the story of how the President and others spent eight hours in Air Force One following 9/11. There were two decisions before those involved: returning to Washington to address the nation and ensuring the safety of the President. Ultimately, it was decided to keep Air Force One flying 40,000 feet in the air for several hours before it was deemed safe to land. The situation limited communication with those on the ground in one of the most harrowing and crucial moments in the nation’s history.

The article ends with an epilogue explaining how the first phone call President Barack Obama made after it was confirmed Osama bin Laden was killed was to President Bush.

In the hands of the right creative team, this project has the chance to draw parallels to films like Apollo 13 and Argo, where the outcome is already known as a historical event, but details of what occurred offer enough drama and tension to provide a powerful narrative.

Adam Rosenberg is overseeing for the studio.

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