Nick Cage Vs A Ton Of Actors In… “Tokarev”


By: James Silverwolfe

, Peter Stomare, , and have all joined Nicolas Cage in , which follows a reformed criminal (Cage) who finds out his daughter (Peebles) has been murdered and slips back into his former ways to extract justice. That logline suffers from “derivative movie” syndrome but perhaps this will lean more towards “Drive Angry” / “Wicker Man” ‘Crazy Cage’ than “Stolen” / “Tresspass” ‘Bankrupt Cage’. Only time will tell.

Jim Agnew and Sean Keller wrote the script while Paco Cabezas (in his American debut) will direct. Richard Rionda Del Castro is the producer.

Glover has been floating mostly in the DTV zone these days. He last appeared in “The Shift” and “Space Warriors”. Stomare is definitely a “that guy” (or character actor if you have some class) who is best known for “Fargo” and “Constantine” and was last seen in “Pain & Gain”. Peeples has mostly dabbled in tv (the most interesting one is the upcoming “Sharknado”) and this appears to be her feature debut. Cols is not very well known here in the states but I’m sure he’s the bees knees in France. He last appeared in “Vive la France”. Fowler will be in the next season of AMC’s “The Killing”.

Glove and Stomare are repped by ICM. Peeples is repped by while Fowler is repped by .

Source: Deadline



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