PaleyFest 2015: Our Live Coverage of The Good Wife Panel




Saturday, March 7th (8:00pm)

Moderator: James Corden (Host, The Late Late Show)

Panelists: Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Matt Czuchry; Creator & Executive Producers: Robert King, Michelle King


The panel for The Good Wife will begin at 8:55 PST. So get ready, because we are.


The cast and creators of “The Good Wife” (c) The Paley Center


  • Inside, everyone is enjoying a screening of Sunday night’s all new episode of The Good Wife. Stay tuned for our live of the panel at 8:55!


  • James Corden, who will be the new host of The Late Late Show, is moderating the panel this evening, so the CBS connection is there.
  • Corden is using the panel as his first go at interviewing. This should be interesting. Not sure Paley is the best place to test run your future .
  • Christine Baranski’s dress makes me think he has a “My Name Is…” sticker on.
  • Robert King and Michelle King discuss why this particular broadcast show is getting the same kind of “golden age of television” recognition as cable programs.  Is it fair to compare cable shows to broadcast? Especially when the are completely different?


  • Corden wants to know what the hell they were thinking when it came to Josh Charles’ exit from the show.  Apparently Charles had a year-to-year contract.
  • Julianna Margulies helped negotiate Charles’ contract, thereby helping to prove that eventually, if a show is on the air long enough, the actors will eventually begin to believe they are their characters.  Everyone keep an eye on Mads Mikkelsen!
  • Christine Baranski takes a jab at the shorter cable series while discussing the strength of the story on network shows and how the full 22 episode season can help an audience connect to the characters.
  • Margulies: “It’s a Bill and Hillary story right now.” Queue mid-90s jokes and blue dress references. (Or is white and gold…)
  • “You don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t matter.” Margulies about Alicia’s relationship with Peter.
  • Super “slick” reminder from Corden that he worked with Baranski in Into the Woods.
  • A round of applause from the audience at the mention of the powerful women on the show.
  • Baranski: “I love how you see Diane’s strength and power and integrity without bitchiness.” But what exactly is bitchiness?

Julianna Margulies (c) The Paley Center


  • Matt Czuchry doesn’t yet know how Cary/Kalinda story will wrap up, but they’re shooting episode 19 now.
  • David Hyde Pierce was one of Margulies’ favorite guest stars, though it’s also a luxury of riches.
  • If there’s going to be an awkward moment on this stage I think it’s going to be between Margulies and Corden.
  • Michelle King credits their casting director Mark Saks for being able to bring in so many fantastic guest actors to the show.
  • Robert King about their slate of guest stars: “We just put a name in the script and they often say yes.”
  • On the issue of Atheism in the series, the King’s said that CBS didn’t pressure them about it.  Bonus points to CBS.  The role of the network should be to foster the show, not to impose religious belief systems.
  • Baranski wants Alan Rickman on the show as her dream guest.  I want Alan Rickman on the show.
  • Corden accidentally calls Czuchry “Cary” then says “Well, you do look an awful lot like him!”
  • Corden wants to play a really disgusting sex fiend on the show. I do not want Corden to play a really disgusting sex fiend.

Matt Czuchry gets a good ol’ Broadway tonguing from host James Corden. (c) The Paley Center


  • Time for the Q&A portion of the panel. Get out your Second Hand Embarrassment Meter.
  • 5 minutes later I’ve completely lost track of what the hell this first question is even about.
  • Question about whether or not Alicia will get laid, because that’s the important part of the show.
  • Will The Good Wife spin off any of the characters?  Robert responds that the network hasn’t asked them about a possible spinoff. 
  • What do the actors have in common with their characters? Baranski also loves beautiful clothes. Czuchry is very competitive. Julianna would like everyone to know that she is very neat.
  • Did learning that Ashley Judd and Helen Hunt turned down the role of Alicia affect the way Margulies approached the character?
  • A desperate plea from the audience to not kill Archie.  Expect the to now kill Archie.
  • Robert King points out that the look to social media to see if the audience has guessed what’s coming.
  • But let me ask you this.  Should the write to the audience? Or only expect the audience to follow the writing?


  • And as always, any interview with Margulies comes around to ER.  But she doesn’t think Carole and Alicia would have much to talk about at all.
  • James Corden thanks the extraordinary cast and crew of the The Good Wife as the panel comes to an end.

James Corden. Creators & Executive Producers: Robert King, Michelle King. Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Matt Czuchry. (c) Paley Center

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