Sundance: Neon Acquires Police Shooting Drama “Monsters and Men”


Monsters and MenNeon

Tom Quinn and Tim League’s thriving distribution company Neon has just acquired domestic rights to Reinaldo Marcus Green’s directorial debut MONSTERS AND MEN, it was announced Monday on Twitter.

John David Washington, Anthony Ramos and Kelvin Harrison Jr. star alongside Chanté Adams, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Nicole Beharie, Cara Buono and Rob Morgan, who between this film and Mudbound is fast-becoming one of my favorite character .

Monsters and Men is a triptych following three stories — a family man captures an unlawful police shooting on video; a police officer with conflicting feelings about what that video shows; and a high school athlete who, in the aftermath of the shooting, is inspired to stand up for what he believes in.

Fully financed by Sight Unseen, the film was produced by Elizabeth Lodge Stepp and Josh Penn of The Department of Motion Pictures, Eddie Vaisman and Julia Lebedev of Sight Unseen, and Luca Borghese. Sight Unseen’s Leonid Lebedev and Oren Moverman executive produced along with Chiara Bernasconi, Charles Miller and DMP’s Noah Stahl.

Endeavor Content negotiated the deal on behalf of the .

The news comes as Neon’s Toronto acquisition I, Tonya vies for Oscar nominations tomorrow morning. That film was on my personal Top 10 list, so I wish them the best of luck.

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