Dominic Purcell

Logline: When a team of mercenaries attacks a training facility a former SWAT team leader, who’s being shadowed by an arrogant movie star researching a role, must organize the survivors to fight back.

Logline: Story follows a doctor and a security guard, whose dreams are intertwined, and their first meeting in the emergency room after the security guard’s wife is murdered.

Logline: A former drug addict and criminal who has rebuilt his life with a new girlfriend must deal with a former cohort when he gets out of prison bent on revenge.

Logline: When a team of archaeologists and mercenaries journey deep into the uncharted jungle in search of a forgotten myth, they find themselves stalked by a half-man, half-jaguar beast.

Logline: An FBI agent must board a plane, set to be hijacked by terrorists, in order to catch a criminal underworld figure.

Logline: A dangerous patient escapes from a hospital and terrorizes a psychology student and her friends in an old house during an electrical storm.