{TB Exclusive} Best-Selling British Author Henry Hemming Out With “The Ingenious Mr. Pyke: Inventor, Fugitive, Spy”



〉The non-fiction tells the extraordinary true story of British inventor and misunderstood genius Geoffrey Pyke.

Best-selling English author ’s latest book, THE INGENIOUS MR. PYKE: INVENTOR, FUGITIVE, SPY, has hit the market. Originally published in the UK by Preface Publishing, an imprint of Penguin Random House, under the title Churchill’s Iceman, the fascinating biography tells the story of Geoffrey Pyke, an inventor, war reporter, escaped prisoner, campaigner, father, educator, and all-around misunderstood genius who was an unlikely hero of both world wars, the father of the U.S. Special Forces, and suspected Soviet agent.

Hemming made use of recently released, previously classified MI5 documents to tell Pyke’s extraordinary story. He is perhaps best known for convincing Winston Churchill to build an aircraft carrier out of reinforced ice, but he was also the brilliant mind behind redesigning the British school system. However, British intelligence agency MI5 believed him to be a secret Soviet agent and he committed suicide in the late 1940s.

Hemming has published four other non-fiction books, including 2011’s Together, which studied groups and clubs throughout Britain, providing insights to everything from druids to bee-keepers.

The Ingenious Mr. Pyke was published in the U.S. in May of this year by PublicAffairs.

Hemming is repped by and .


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