{TB EXCLUSIVE} Dreamworks Begins Meeting with Writers to Adapt Japanese Film “Like Father, Like Son”



After personally made the push to pick up the remake rights to the Japanese film, and Prix du Jury Prize winning Cannes film LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON, DreamWorks has been relatively quiet on the project. But, that’s all seeming to change as we eek our way out of the Winter doldrums, and start eyeing a fresh Spring start. So what’s the latest on this much anticipated remake? We’re hearing word that Dreamworks has begun meeting with writers, and may even be entertaining the idea of a particular writer/director. The two names we’re hearing are currently in the running are – and .

Both writers are coming off Fantasy outings, with Abaire having previously written “Oz: The Great and Powerful” and “Rise of the Guardians” before that, and Weitz, having penned the upcoming “Cinderella”. The writing style and projects each writer has been delivering brings to the table the sense of wonderment we’re often reminded of with classic Spielberg, so it’s no wonder they’re in the mix. Weitz however has been on the hunt for his next directorial outing, and his upcoming youth sci-fi outing “Young World” has been progressing at Warners, so depending on how that project continues to advance, we may see Lindsay-Abaire as a frontrunner!

The film, which centers on a wealthy couple discovering their 6-year old son is not their own, and was accidentally swapped at the hospital with a family of lesser means is being produced by Spielberg.

Lindsay-Abaire and Weitz are both repped by .




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