Written by: Eric M. Brown

A fatherless copywriter uncovers a stash of immaculate love letters dated the year he was born, and postmarked from Key West and Havana, Cube. Convinced he is Hemingway’s bastard love child, he travels down to Key West with his teenage son in tow to usurp his birthright.

After I turned the last page of “Hemingway Boy” and set down the script, I could not help but feel that this is the kind of story that makes a writer known. The characters big and small, are so well developed, they walked right off the page and created this world around me as I read. There is a comedic, truly Americana mystery unfolding and the writer paints a vivid world for us to journey through as our main character traverses through a life lived, and a life longed for. There is also something very appealing about the idea that this man, who is far from having the perfect life himself, is so determined to uncover his true namesake… a potentially absent father who was well known to have his own personal demons… but also one who may well have been the best there ever was in his field. It’s a wonderful coming-of-age journey for a man still searching for meaning in his life, and his slacker son he hopes to impress, and win over along the way. The story is full of heart, and beautifully mixed together in a comedic and dramatic tone akin to “Sideways” or “Little Miss Sunshine”. I eagerly look forward to seeing what this writer does next!

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