TB Recommends Writer Santa Sierra Lands Coveted Rewrite Job for Amazon Studios!



Congratulations to TB Recommended writer , who has landed the coveted OWA (open writing assignment) on the coming-of-age film . Sierra, who immediately following her TB Recommendation for her TV pilot “Growing Up Morales” signed with at Luber Roklin, is already fast-at-work at the rewrite for . The project, which was originally set up in late 2013, centers on a young Mexican boy who decides to go after a suspected murderer in order to become a hero in his town. The coming-of-age genre is not a new one for Sierra, who prior to landing the rewrite on “Chico Grande”, had penned the spec script “In Search of Our Father, Sylvester Stallone”. That spec, which was one of our favorite reads of 2013, follows two little boys, who following the sudden death of their mother, set out from their poverty-stricken home in El Salvador to journey to America to find the man their mother always told them was their father – Sylvester Stallone. It was this wonderfully heartwarming, yet harshly coming-of-age piece that landed Sierra the Amazon .

We’re thrilled to watch Sierra’s blossom, and are sure this is not the last we’re going to hear about her in 2014!



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