The 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition: Announcing The Top 75!



The Tracking Board is incredibly pleased to announce the TOP 75 FINALISTS for our 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition.

With over 115 signed, 50 projects set up and 15 staffed since we began our competition, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the next batch of contenders for this year’s Pilots Competition.
This year’s group make up the Top 5% of all those entered, and are comprised of a wonderfully diverse group of stories and , with 50 dramas and 25 comedies making the cut from 39 female and 43 male , and with 19 period pieces and 56 contemporary tales from a group of 3 Canadians, 3 Scots, 2 Brits and 67 Americans from coast to coast.
For a better idea at just how diverse the pilots were this year, we can tell you they included stories of love, loss, luck, immigration, space exploration, supernatural detectives, high school woes, super-fans, and those who were super-fanned over, competitive ice-skating, the early colonization of America, the devastation of present day America, a puppy who just wants to be a firedog, three new spins on Shakespearean classics, the early days of music magazines, serious politics, comedic politics, ageism, sexism, elitism, origin stories, triad stories, video game stories, espionage, witness protection, survival, euthanasia, centurians, androids, Odysseus, Dracula, revisionist history, venture capital firms, insider trading, and the fight for humanity to survive… or the reliance on a time-traveling whale  to try to fix it all again.
And so, we give you the 2016 Launch Pad’s Top 75 Pilot Scripts! (All are listed alphabetically by title.)



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