THE BLACK LIST was compiled from the suggestions of over 150 film and high-level assistants, each of whom contributed the names of up to ten of their favorite that were written in, or are somehow uniquely associated with, 2007 and will not be released in theaters during this year.

Like last year, had to receive at least two mentions to be included on THE BLACK LIST.

All reasonable effort has been made to confirm the information contained herein. THE BLACK LIST apologizes for all misspellings, misattributions, incorrect representation identification, and questionable “2007” affiliations.

It has been said, but it’s worth repeating: THE BLACK LIST is not a “best of” list. It is, at best, a “most liked” list.


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RECOUNT by Danny Strong
A behind-the-scenes view of the 2000 presidential election and the scandal that ensued in the weeks following.

AGENT: — Risa Gertner, Maha Dakhil
MANAGER: The Gotham Group — Lindsay Williams

HBO Films.


FARRAGUT NORTH by Beau Willimon
A young, idealistic communications director for a fast-rising politician falls prey to backstabbing and trickery while working on a presidential campaign.

AGENT: Paradigm — Chris Till
MANAGER: The Shuman Company — Larry Shuman

Warner Brothers.


PASSENGERS by Jon Spaihts
A passenger on an intergalactic spaceship is the only one prematurely thawed out from cryogenic slumber… 100 years before anyone else.

AGENT: Paradigm — Trevor Astbury, Rich Freeman
MANAGER: Circle of Confusion – David Alpert, Lawrence Mattis

Company Films (Keanu Reeves & Steve Hamil) producing.


INFILTRATOR by Josh Zetumer
British intelligence launched a campaign to undermine the Irish Republican Army by planting spies there in high level positions.  The program helped the British upend much of the terrorist activity planned by the IRA, but at a high price.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Jason Burns
MANAGER: Management 360 – Guymon Casady, Darin Friedman

Warner Brothers.


SELMA by Paul Webb
The of Martin Luther King Jr.’s campaign to convince President Lyndon Johnson to enact the voting rights act and the march from Selma to Montgomery that came as a consequence.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Robert Bookman

Celador Films (Christian Colson) producing.


CURVEBALL by Steve Knight
An Iraqi informant code-named “Curveball” gave flawed information about biological weapons that the U.S. government used to justify the war in Iraq.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Brian Siberell, Sally Willcox

Focus Features.


I WANT TO F— YOUR SISTER by Melissa Stack
A young man goes to great lengths to protect his younger sister from guys just like him.

AGENT: Paradigm – Chris Smith
MANAGER: Kaplan/Perrone – Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone, Justin Killion

MTV Films.


THE ROAD by Joe Penhall
Based on the book by Cormac McCarthy. After a nuclear explosion, a man goes on a nightmarish road trip in order to transport his son to safety, while fending off starving stragglers and marauding packs of cannibals.

AGENT: Endeavor – Phil Raskind

2929 Productions.


THE WAY BACK by Nat Faxon & Jim Rash
A teenage boy comes into his own over the course of a summer through an unlikely relationship with the man in charge of the local water park.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Jay Baker, Brian Kend
MANAGER: Principato Young – Brian Dobbins, Paul Young


Set in a world where the concept of lying doesn’t exist, a loser changes his lot when he invents lying and uses it to get ahead.

AGENT: Endeavor – Elia Infascelli-Smith
MANAGER: Underground – Oliver Obst

Media Rights Capital.


DUBAI by Adam Cozad
A young economist is forced to go on the run to prove his innocence after Iranian operatives in Dubai use him as part of a plot to collapse the United States economy.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Jeff Gorin, Aaron Hart
MANAGER: Foursight – Jeremy Bell, Michael Lasker


PIERRE PIERRE by Edwin Cannistraci & Frederick Seton
A self-indulgent, lazy, nihilist has to transport a stolen Mona Lisa from Paris to London.

AGENT: ICM – Brian Sher, Eva Lontscharitsch

Fox & Fox Searchlight.


After his mother dies of cancer, a young man named Charlie takes a trip to Budapest. En route, the passenger next to him, an old Hungarian man, dies. Charlie, who promised the man to bring his daughter a gift, falls in love with her, then discovers she has a violent past.

AGENT: Original Artists – Jordan Bayer & Matt Leipzig

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.


SOURCE CODE by Ben Ripley
As part of an experimental government program to investigate a terrorist incident, a soldier finds himself living and reliving a series of events that take place on a commuter train just prior to the train exploding.

AGENT: Hohman, Maybank, Lieb – Bayard Maybank
MANAGER: Foursight – George Heller, Michael Lasker



EDWIN A. SALT by Kurt Wimmer
Centers on Edwin A. Salt, a CIA officer who is fingered as a Russian sleeper spy. He eludes capture by superiors who are convinced he is out to assassinate the president. While trying to reunite with his family, he struggles to prove someone else is the traitor.

AGENT: Endeavor – Tom Strickler


THE HUMAN FACTOR by Anthony Peckham
Nelson Mandela unites the country of South Africa during the early days of his presidency as the country hosts the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

AGENT: Paradigm – Lucy Stille
MANAGER: Anonymous Content – Michael Sugar, Bard Dorros

Warner Brothers.

Based on the graphic novel by Ande Parks. A federal agent tries to solve the 1933 Union Station massacre while contending with the criminal underworld and a young bureaucrat named J. Edgar Hoover who is using the case to seize power.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Charles Ferraro, Barbara Dreyfuss
MANAGER: New Wave Entertainment – Brad Mendelsohn



When an uptight recent college graduate realizes he cannot afford his European dream vacation, he is forced to take a minimum-wage at a local amusement park.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Charles Ferraro, Tracey Jacobs

Miramax & Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.


KAMIKAZE LOVE by Chad Damiani & JP Levin
A mild mannered bartender has an intense sexual connection with a Japanese girl who is escorted into his bar on route to an arranged wedding with an Asian Mafia boss. The young couple flees and must battle a band of mercenaries and the bartender’s sadistic ex-girlfriend in order to retrieve a hidden stash so that they can leave the country.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Mike Esola

Screen Gems.


BFF by Chad Creasey & Dara Creasey
A nerdy guy and a popular girl meet as high school freshmen. Over the four years of high school, four proms and one funeral, they become friends and eventually fall in love.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Greg McKnight, JP Evans


LION MAN OF TUSCANY by Nathan Skulnik
The true of Gino Bartali, the Tour de France-winning Italian cyclist who, during World War II, helped save the lives of over 800 Jews by helping to smuggle them out of fascist Italy.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Cliff Roberts
MANAGER: Kaplan/Perrone – Aaaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone

Fox 2000

NEVER LET ME GO by Alex Garland
Based on the book by Kazuo Ishiguro. Students at an isolated boarding school in the English countryside gradually discover that they are clones who will inevitably be harvested for organs no matter how “human” they are.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Robert Bookman

Fox Searchlight.

THE BOOK OF ELI by Gary Whitta
A lone hero must fight his way across the wasteland of post-apocalyptic America to protect a sacred book that holds the key to saving the future of humanity.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Charles Ferraro, Keya Keyatian
MANAGER: Circle of Confusion – David Alpert, Lawrence Mattis

Warner Brothers.

As he delivers food to starving Muslims in wartorn Bosnia, grieving young American Bill Carter the siege of Sarajevo on film and enlists Bono to broadcast live interviews with Sarajevans during U2’s European concerts.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – David Lubliner, Carolyn Sivitz

Participant co-financing.


$40,000 MAN by Jonathan Goldstein & Sean Daily
A legendary astronaut finds himself horribly injured in a crash and is rebuilt by the government to be a bionic man — but on a budget of only $40,000.

AGENT: Endeavor – Bill Weinstein, Elia Infascell

New Line.

The exploits of Art Williams, who counterfeited as much as $10 million in American currency.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Cliff Roberts, Aaron Hart
MANAGER: Leverage – Michael Garnett


BLITZ by Nathan Parker
The London police track down a vicious killer known as The Blitz as he rampages through the city killing cops as he goes.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Jeremy Barber, Rio Hernandez

Brad Wyman Producing.

MANAGEMENT by Stephen Belber
A traveling salesman, who sells cheap art to small companies and motels, has a fling with an aimless, underachieving motel manager who then pursues her all over the U.S.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Todd Hoffman

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

SHELTER by Karl Mueller
A group of nuclear holocaust survivors caught in a bomb shelter begin to turn on each other as they wait for rescue.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Mike Esola, Aaron Hart
MANAGER: Energy Entertainment – Adam Marshall, Brooklyn Weaver


An illiterate kid looks to become a contestant on the Hindi version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” in order to re-establish contact with the girl he loves, who is an ardent fan of the show.

AGENT: The Rod Hall Agency – Charlotte Mann
MANAGER: Thompson Street Entertainment – Susan Landau

Warner Independent Pictures.

A private eye is used by motion picture studios to clean up star scandals.

AGENT: Creative Artist Agency – Brian Siberell

Forward Pass producing.

WEDNESDAY by Massy Tadjedin
A man steals a woman’s car, taking her on a high-speed chase across Los Angeles.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Maha Dakhil, John Campisi


The of Jordan Belfort, a Long Island penny stockbroker who served 20 months in prison for refusing to cooperate in a massive 1990s securities fraud case that involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – John Campisi

Warner Brothers.


A reclusive writer and a chiropractor fall in love, healing themselves and a recovering alcoholic in the process.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Jessica Matthews, Maha Dakhil
MANAGER: Thruline Entertainment – Adam Williamson

Kevin Messick Producing.

GET BACK by Chris McCoy
Two die-hard Beatles fans find a time machine and back in time to prevent John Lennon from ever meeting Yoko Ono, as they blame her fro the Beatles’ demise.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Alex Lerner
MANAGER: Anonymous Content – Shawn Simon

Playtone producing.

JENNIFER’S BODY by Diablo Cody
A cheerleader with the perfect life becomes the girl from hell when she becomes possessed and begins killing boys in a small town.

AGENT: The Gersh Agency – Sarah Self
MANAGER: Benderspink – Mason Novick

Fox Atomic.

JONES by Carol Heikkinen
When a town girl returns to high school after battling leukemia, she falls in love with a boy and thinks her life is perfect but suddenly her new boyfriend dumps her and she has another cancer scare before things are put right again.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Mike Esola, Rob Carlson


MAN ON THE TRAIN by Dan Taplitz
Two men, one a criminal and driftter and the other a conservative small-town professor, cross paths and their envy of each other’s lives leads to a life-changing and unusual friendship.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – David Kramer, Tobin Babst


VALKYRIE by Chris MacQuarrie
Severely wounded in combat, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg returns from Africa to join the Resistance and help create Operation Valkyrie, the complex plan that will allow a shadow government to replace Hitler’s once he is dead. Fate and circumstance conspire to thrust Stauffenberg from one of many in the plot to a double-edged central role. Not only must he lead the coup and seize control of his nation’s government–he must kill Hitler himself.

MANAGER: Ken Kamins

United Artists.

WORLD WAR Z by J Michael Straczynski
A sober telling of the aftermath of a war fought against a legion of humans who were inflicted with a virus, died and were re-animated into flesh-eating zombies.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Martin Spencer


THE WRESTLER by Robert Siegel
Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a 1980s-era pro wrestler, has become a burnt-out shell of his former self. After he has a heart attack during a small-time match, a doctor tells him he could die if he fights again. In an effort to build a new life, Robinson takes a at a deli, moves in with an aging stripper and tries to build a relationship with her son. The prospect of a rematch with his old nemesis, the Ayatollah, proves too tempting to resist, even though it means risking his life.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Greg McKnight, Risa Gertner, Jay Baker
MANAGER: 3 Arts – David Miner

Wild Bunch.

ZOMBIELAND by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick
After a zombie plague ravages America, a pair of ‘odd couple’ survivors team up to find purpose and combat the living dead in the post-apocalyptic Southwest.

AGENT: Endeavor – Phil D’Amecourt



20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA by Craig Titley
A mad scientist has created a monster-like looking submarine that sails underneath the oceans.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Jeff Gorin
MANAGER: Magnet Entertainment – Jennie Frankel, Christopher Mills, Bob Sobhani, Zach Tann

New Line.

BALTIMORE by Chris Terrio & Jesse Lichtenstein
Only twice in history has a city in the continental United States been attacked by a foreign enemy. The second time was September 11, 2001. The first was August 24, 1814. This is that true .

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Rowena Arguelles [Terrio] MANAGER: None

COLD CITY by David James Kelly
During the Charles Manson frenzy of 1969, an ex-cop must overcome his demons when he’s hired to help protect a young girl and sole witness to Legion Gringo, a murderer who has been brutally slaughtering prostitutes in LA.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Harley Copen, Todd Hoffman
MANAGER: The Firm – Jennifer Davisson

Terra Firma Films producing.

DARKON by John Hodgman
Every other Sunday, between 150 and 300 people gather in costume and armor to fight unchoreographed mock battles with padded weaponry. For most, it is much more than a game.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Kassie Evashevski, Sharon Sheinwold, Sue Naegle

MTV Films.

GENIUS by John Logan
Adapted from A. Scott Berg’s Max Perkins: Editor of Genius. The of chronicles the tempestuous relationship between editor Maxwell Perkins and his protege, Thomas Wolfe, as they work together editing Wolfe’s prodigious output into publishable novels. The relationship frays but produces several literary classics.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Brian Siberell


BROTHERS IN ARMS (aka: HILL 427) by Noah Lukeman
The true of a long-shot American army rescue mission 60 miles behind lines during World War II to free General Patton’s son- in-law from a POW camp.”

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Ken Freimann, Mike Esola
MANAGER: Anonymous Content – Shawn Simon

The Department.

THE ORPHAN by David Leslie Johnson
THE BAD SEED with an orphan.

AGENT: Paradigm – Chris Smith

Dark Castle.

SCORE by Jeremy Slater
“Two guys and a girl go looking for pot and make a wrong turn that leaves them surrounded by violence.”

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Charles Ferraro
MANAGER: Kaplan/Perrone – Aaron Kaplan, Justin Killion

A humorous expose of the highly competitive and cutthroat world of pharmaceuticals, where salesmen schmooze doctors, nurses and hospitals to get them to use their brand of drugs.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Rowena Arguelles, Risa Gertner
MANAGER: Brillstein Entertainment Partners – Margaret Riley



ALL GOOD THINGS by Marcus Hinchey
When Robert Durst, Manhattan real estate heir marries the middle-class Long Islander Kathleen Sullivan, class differences and his own anger towards his father lead to her disappearance. Years later, a detective picks up the unsolved cold case and tracks the fugitive Durst down.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Rio Hernandez, Charles Ferarro
MANAGER: 3 Arts – Tom Lassally


BLACK BOX by Brad Holloway
Following the crash of an airliner, a special agent doesn’t believe the black box contained no answers and goes on a quest to discover the truth. Meanwhile the United States government keeps an Al Qaeda operative’s family hostage to turn him into an informant.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Charles Ferraro, Yuli Masinovsky Howie Sanders
MANAGER: Management 360 – Darin Friedman

Warner Brothers.

BLINDNESS by Don McKellar
Based on the novel by Jose Saramago. An epidemic of blindness sweeps through an unnamed contemporary city and pushes society to the brink of breakdown.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Cliff Roberts, Jeff Shumway

Focus, Miramax.

BUTTERCUP by Alice O’Neil
In the wake of his wife’s death, an aging – but grossly irresponsible – father puts his life back on track with the help of his slightly neurotic daughter.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Shari Smiley, Spencer Baumgarten

AVAILABLE. Brian Koppelman & David Levien producing.

CLASH OF THE TITANS by Travis Beacham
Zeus’s son, Perseus, journeys to save Princess Andromeda. During his adventure, he must complete various tasks set out by his father, including capturing Pegasus and slaying Medusa.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Cliff Roberts, Sara Bottfeld, Carolyn Sivitz
MANAGER: Anonymous Content – Bard Dorros

Warner Brothers.

DEAR JOHN by Jamie Linden
A soldier home on leave falls for a conservative college girl. Instead of returning home to her permanently, he reenlists after the attacks on September 11th, 2001. Time and distance begin to take a toll on the young lovers.

AGENT: Paradigm – Trevor Astbury, Valarie Phillips
MANAGER: Magnet Management – Jennie Frankel, Christopher Mills, Bob Sobhani, Zach Tann

New Line.

DIRTY GIRL by Abe Sylvia
Danielle, the dirty girl of Norman High, hits the road with Clarke, the class gay, to find the father she has never known.

AGENT: Endeavor – Elia Infascelli-Smith
MANAGER: Fuse – Rich Demato

Killer Films & Darko Entertainment producing.

DOUBT by John Patrick Shanley
A nun confronts a priest after suspecting him of abusing a black student.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Brian Siberell, David O’Connor


ELI WEBB by Thompson Evans
Edgy drama that explores hypocritical elements in American values.

AGENT: Paradigm – Rich Freeman
MANAGER: Energy Entertainment – Adam Marshall, Brooklyn Weaver

Relativity Media.

HANGOVER by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore
Forty hours before the wedding, three friends lose the groom at his bachelor party.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Greg McKnight, Jay Baker, JP Evans

Warner Brothers.

While his friends grapple with loneliness and romantic trials, an aspiring novelist learns about caring by taking in a lost child who ran away from foster care and finally realizes he worthy of love as well.

AGENT: Gersh – Rhonda Price

Based on the book by Toby Young. The disastrous stint of a contributing editor for a magazine.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Michael Peretzian, Brian Siberell

A slacker discovers that he is the lastest in a long line of immortal warriors who must fight to achieve his destiny.

AGENT: Endeavor – Bill Weinstein
MANAGER: Kaplan/Perrone – Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone, Justin Killion


JOY by Jack Paglen
A young man returns to New York City after a three year stint in the Amazon only to discover that his sister, Joy, is missing and suicidal. So begins his comic quest to save Joy and come to terms with the bizarre childhood that haunts them both.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Ava Jamshidi, Nicole Clemens
MANAGER: Luber Roklin Entertainment – Stephen Crawford

A man down on his luck finds an unlikely companion while attending his daughter’s wedding in London.

AGENT: PFD – Natasha Galloway


MAGGIE LYNN by Craig Brewer
A woman’s life is turned upside down when she learns her husband has had an affair. She goes on the road with her brother’s country music band and taps into her pain to become a burgeoning music star.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Charles King
MANAGER: Brad Gross Management – Brad Gross


A New York bookstore clerk discovers a museum devoted to his life.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Keya Keyatian

Fox Searchlight.

RELATIVITY by Peter Craig
On the eve of a couple’s 35th wedding anniversary, the disclosure of a secret sends shockwaves through the household.

AGENT: Paradigm – Mark Ross


THE REVENENT by Mark L Smith
In 1870, a black scout is mauled by a bear and then left for dead by the white trappers he was leading. He survives and seeks revenge.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Harley Copen

Anonymous Content producing.

TEHRAN by Richard Regen
An American professor is contracted by the federal government to observe tensions in pre-coup Tehran, 1978.

AGENT: The Gersh Agency – Abram Nalibotsky
MANAGER: Circle of Confusion – David Alpert

An American novelist writes a column that casts him as a macho hero living in a surreal, amped-up Tokyo. When his book gets turned into a movie, the author flies to the city for the premiere and hates it enough to clash loudly with the director, who ends up murdered.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – David Lubliner, Rob Carlson, David Wirtschafter


A Michelin-level chef tries to make a comeback from major personal issues. He gathers his old friends together as his ‘dream team’ and ends up falling in love with the newest member of the group.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Brian Siberell, Sally Willcox


THE WACKNESS by Jon Levine
New York, summer 1994, the greatest year in hip-hop. A troubled teenage drug dealer trades pot for therapy sessions with a drug-addled psychiatrist intent on living his life to the fullest. The two form an unlikely friendship, but things get complicated when the kid falls for the doctor’s daughter.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Keya Keyatian

Occupant Films producing.

THE WEDDING PARTY by Francesca Marciano
A Wedding Party during the war in Afghanistan is told from the perspective of an English officer, A Russian and a American, all of whom are the same man.

AGENT: Peters, Fraser, & Dunlop – Jago Irwin

WILD WILD EAST by Chase Palmer
In modern day Ukraine, the political landscape resembles the Wild West. Gangsters run the government, and the government runs the gangs. And only one man, an American known only as The Fixer, knows how to navigate the murky and dangerous waters without getting himself, or his clients, killed.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Craig Kestel
MANAGER: The Gotham Group – Peter McHugh

A little girl’s grandmother tells her a fantastical of how brilliant inventor K. Intergarten saved his town.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Ken Freimann
MANAGER: Circle of Confusion – David Alpert, Rick Jacobs, Russell Binder


THE WIZARDS OF PERFIL by Keith Fulton & Lou Pepe
Based on the short by Kelly Link.

AGENT: The Gersh Agency – Frank Wuliger

Mark Gordon Productions producing.

WRECKING BALL by Susan Brightbill
A strained family goes to visit the grandparents for christmas only to learn while there that their 9 year old daughter might have cancer.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – John Campisi, JP Evans
MANAGER: Foursight – Michael Lasker


ZELDA by Hanna Weg
The true of Jazz Age icons who Zelda Fitzgerald (and her famous husband Scott), the lived large, soared high and crashed very hard.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Shana Eddy

The Department.


36 by Richard Price
Two detectives try to solve a series of armored car robberies with a promotion going to whoever catches the perpetrators.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Robert Bookman, David O’Connor, Todd Feldman


THE 37TH DIMENSION by Tom Kuntz & Griffin Creech
A classic detective noir…with some big twists.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Blair Belcher


Three brothers, displaced to a refugee camp after Hurricane Katrina, fight for each other’s survival after one of them accidentally commits a crime.

AGENT: Paradigm – Trevor Astbury, Valarie Phillips
MANAGER: Benderspink – Charlie Gogolak

The true- behind the difficult of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film.

AGENT: Endeavor – Bryan Besser

Focus & Media Rights Capital.

BACK EAST by Zach Whedon
A young man living in LA heads back east to help his aging folks, only to find himself stranded in a nearly deserted desert town after his car breaks down. While fixing the car, he meets and falls for a sexy traveler heading west to LA with her boyfriend.”

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Ken Freimann

BEAT KIP by Todd Waldman & Rob Kerkovich
When his girlfriend breaks up with him for a guy named Kip, Michael, a cowardly producer’s assistant, and his equally cowardly pals, drive to the girlfriend’s college to kick Kip’s ass and win her back.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Dan Rabinow

BFF by Jenni Konner & Ali Rushfield
Two best friends in their late 20s, who have been inseparable best friends since freshman year of college, break up and have to deal with the repercussions of ending their intensely close friendship.
AGENT: United Talent Agency – Blair Belcher

BIG EYES by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski
Based on the true of painter Margaret Keane and her husband, Walter, who took credit for his wife’s work while she toiled in obscurity.

AGENT: Endeavor – Tom Strickler

Bureau of Moving Pictures.

BROMANCE by Barry Schwartz & Raza Syed
A smooth-talking college professor tries to prove that it is impossible for two heterosexual men to share an emotional connection by engaging in his very own bromance.

AGENT: William Morris – Jeff Gorin, Aaron Hart
MANAGER: Fuse – Rich Demato


BURN AFTER READING by The Coen Brothers
CIA agent Osborne Cox decides to pen his memoirs and is fired from the agency. The disc containing the memoirs inadvertently gets left in a ladies locker room at a gym, where Linda and co-worker Chad, hatch a plan to sell its contents to the highest bidder.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Jim Berkus, Rich Klubeck


COXBLOCKER by Tim Dowling
A guy meets the girl of his dreams, but her ex-boyfriend, who’s now her best friend, keeps blocking his advances.

AGENT: Endeavor – Dawn Saltzman


DEEP THROAT by Peter Landesman
The true of W. Mark Felt, the retired FBI man who identified last year as anonymous Watergate source Deep Throat.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Sally Willcox, Rowena Arguelles


DEMOLITION by Bryan Sipe
A man who just lost his wife forms a relationship with a woman under bizarre and hilarious circumstances.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Bill Zotti
MANAGER: New Wave Entertainment – Brian Volk-Weiss, Brad Mendelsohn

Frank Coraci & Greg Shapiro producing.

After the death of his wife, a man grapples with his grief by befriending a young girl and building a raft made entirely of trash.

MANAGER: Ampersand Management – Marti Blumenthal, Joan Scott

THE DUCHESS by Jeffrey Hatcher & Anders Thomas Jensen
A vibrant beauty and celebrity of her time is trapped in an unhappy triangle with her husband and his live-in mistress. She falls passionately in love with an ambitious young politician, and the affair causes a bitter conflict with her husband and threatens to erupt into a scandal.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Rob Carlson, David Lubliner
MANAGER: Anonymous Content – Doreen Wilcox

Pathe & BBC Films.

DUPLICITY by Tony Gilroy
Two corporate spies and longtime lovers team up and stage an elaborate con to steal a valuable product.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Risa Gertner, David O’Connor


EAGLE EYE by Hilary Seitz
A slacker and a single mother are framed as terrorists and forced to become members of a cell with plans to carry out a political assassination.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Barbara Dreyfus

Paramount & Dreamworks.

ENRON by Sheldon Turner
Based on Kurt Eichenwald’s book Conspiracy of Fools. The of Enron’s collapse. A new employee slowly peels back the layers of corporate corruption to expose the greed and fraudulent accounting that drove the company into bankruptcy in 2001.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – John Campisi, Rich Green
Warner Brothers.

A notorious hit man teams with a failed private eye to find a missing
woman and an invaluable briefcase.
AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Billy Hawkins, Adam Kanter, Josh Krauss
MANAGER: Benderspink – Cory Hebenstreit, Jill McElroy, JC Spink


Based on Jonathan Lethem’s novel. A white kid living in a black neighborhood of Brooklyn forms an unlikely friendship with the son of a washed-up musician.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Jeff Gorin, David Lonner, Cliff Roberts, Craig Kestel


Prompted by a corporate transfer, a father and son move to Japan and find that all the fantastic elements of the son’s favorite Japanese movies — Godzilla, giant robots, secret ninja cults, etc. — are a real and borderline mundane aspect of everyday Japanese life. Adjusting proves difficult, hijinks ensue.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Sara Bottfeld, Aaron Hart


A GOOD MOTHER by Rey Howard
The lives of two women converge in a dark and unexpected manner.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Rio Hernandez, Andrew Cannava
MANAGER: 3 Arts – Tom Lassally

David Higgins producing.

I ROCK IRAQ by Stephen Chin
Brent Balloch and Jack Roe, two twenty-something entrepreneurs, go to post-war Iraq to make their fortune. They eventually become millionaires and help run the country’s first post-invasion elections.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Michael Eisner
MANAGER: Industry Entertainment – Jess Rosenthal, Rosalie Swedlin

IN by Bess Wohl
A young woman, just out of college and trying to write her first novel, takes a tutoring to help a wealthy and handsome student get into Harvard. She finds herself seduced by him and his entire family when they take her in as one of their own.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Jason Shapiro
MANAGER: Untitled Entertainment – Alissa Vradenburg

JIMBO by William Finkelstein
The downfall of populist Ohio Congressman James Traficant, who was expelled from Congress and jailed in 2002 for taking bribes, false tax returns, and racketeering.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Brian Siberell

HBO Films.

The exploits of the Justice League of America, an organization made up of the world’s greatest superheroes: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Todd Feldman, Maha Dakhil
MANAGER: Management 360 – Guymon Casady

Warner Brothers.

LET IT FALL by John Ridley
An examination of the Los Angeles riots of 1992 after an all-white jury acquitted four police officers charged with beating Rodney King.

AGENT: Endeavor – Jason Spitz


MAMMOTH by Lukas Moodysson
Tom, as successful New York businessman, leaves his wife and daughter in the care of a Filipino nanny to go on a business trip to Thailand. As he delves into a new cultural experience, Tom soon realizes he wants to change his life, setting off a chain of dramatic events.

MANAGER: Paul Schwartzman Office – Paul Schwartzman

Zentropa Films.

MAN AND WIFE by Lorene Scafaria
A about an immigrant’s love for the United States.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Cliff Roberts
MANAGER: Management 360 – Doug Johnson


MAN UNDER by Ann Cherkis
Members of a drab, unhappy family in suburban New Jersey find their lives dramatically altered when a photograph of them is showcased at the Museum of Modern Art as the centerpiece of a retrospective exhibit for a photographer who was murdered.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Jeff Gorin, Carolyn Sivitz
MANAGER: A Guy Walks Into a Bar – Jon Berg


MATZOBALLERS by Adam Herschman
A sports comedy set in the world of Jewish Community Basketball.

AGENT: Endeavor – Lis Rowinski
MANAGER: Mosaic – John Elliott

NO MAN’S LAND by Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Fifty years after an alien race takes over earth, a human detective investigates a rape/murder case and ultimately discovers the aliens’ true intentions.

AGENT: The Gersh Agency – Frank Wuliger


OCEAN BEACH by Frank Cassese & Joel Plotch
A young man’s incestuous love for his sister drives him mad when she begins a relationship with someone else.

OF EVERY WICKEDNESS by Brian McGreevey & Lee Shipman
Based on a true : Three years before Jack the Ripper shocked London and the world, a murderer terrorized the dusty streets of Austin, TX, in what would become the first recorded serial killings in American history.

AGENT: Paradigm – Trevor Astbury, Valarie Phillips
MANAGER: Mad Hatter Entertainment – Michael Conolly

PANDORA by Karl Gajdusek
The residents of a small Texas town are shocked when 7 local residents are killed in a bank robbery gone wrong. Although the culprits are immediately captured, they are kidnapped from the local jail and held for ransom – the town now has to buy back their killers – and this is when things really start to go awry.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Ken Freimann, Mike Eisner

PICTURES OF YOU by Josh Friedlander
A teen boy whose twin sister outshines him and whose two best friends are sex-addled side-kicks comes into his own when his girl-pal encourages him to pursue a girl whose photographs he found on the beach.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Eva Lontscharitsch Ava Jamshidi
MANAGER: Becker Entertainment – Michael Becker

Carsey-Werner (Matt Berenson) producing.

ROSCOE by Steve Zaillian
Based on the novel by William Kennedy. It’s V-J Day, the war is over, and Roscoe Conway, after twenty-six years as the second-in-command of Albany’s notorious political machine, decides to quit politics forever. But there’s no way out, and only his Machiavellian imagination can help him cope with the erupting disasters. Every step leads back to the past — to the early loss of his true love, the takeover of city hall, the machine’s fight with FDR and Al Smith to elect a governor, and the methodical assassination of gangster Jack ‘Legs’ Diamond.


SEX AND SYLVIA PLATH by Jennifer O’Kieffe
A Sylvia Plath obsessed teenage girl discovers her sexuality over the course of a difficult summer while dealing with her dying grandfather, selfish mother and sex-crazed best friend.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Bill Zotti, Jessica Mathews
MANAGER: Luber Roklin Entertainment – Steve Crawford

SHOTGUN HARLEY by Jason Jones & Mike Beaver
A past-his-prime action TV star stumbles into a real life terrorist plot and is forced to finally become the hero he once played on TV.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Jason Burns [Jones]
MANAGER: Brillstein Entertainment Partners – Tim Sarkes

SOMEBODY TO LOVE by Michael Cunningham
The of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Sally Willcox

Tribeca Films producing.

SPACE INVADER by Mike Lisbe & Nate Reger
Doug Huggins, the son of a NASA legend, is terrified of flying. When Huggins learns that his girlfriend has been chosen to fly to the International Space Station with Stamp, a handsome astronaut, he must overcome his fears in order to win her back.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Brian Sher

Fox Atomic.

A darkly comic and ultimately redeeming of a seriously misanthropic man in his thirties who decides to unburden himself of all of his adult responsibilities by falsely claiming that he has terminal cancer.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Julien Thuan, Adam Weinstein, Kassie Evashevski
MANAGER: Brillstein Entertainment Partners – Naren Desai, Missy Malkin

Stillking Productions producing.

THE TOWN by Peter Craig
After a bank robber falls in love with one of his victims, his relationship with his crew changes, and this leads to their downfall.

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Brian Siberell, John Campisi, Spencer Baumgarten
MANAGER: Management 360 – Guymon Casady, Darin Friedman

Warner Brothers.

UNIQUE by Michael Cooney
Jon Geoffries discovers the Earth has a twin, a parallel world in another dimension. The worlds are closely linked, explaining such phenomena as deja vu and love at first sight, with people having counterparts on both Earths. However, a few are born “unique,” with no doppelgangers, and can between worlds. Geoffries is one such person and soon finds himself a target of enemies who want to exploit his connection.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Andrew Cannava, Keya Keyatian


WHIP IT by Shauna Cross
A Midwestern, small-town, teenage girl discovers the high-energy world of roller derby and must decide if she’s willing to go against her parents and friends in order to pursue the sport she loves.

AGENT: William Morris Agency – Cliff Roberts, Carolyn Sivitz
MANAGER: Jaret Entertainment – Seth Jaret

Warner Brothers.

WILL by Demetri Martin
A young man discovers love after he develops complete free will when the angel who writes his destiny (not unlike an author) forgets to finish writing after page thirty-five.”

AGENT: Creative Artists Agency – Greg McKnight, Dan Aloni


YEARBOOK by Bob Nelson
When a 30-something guy returns home for the demolition of his high school, he reunites with the girl he’s always had a crush on. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly as he had hoped.

AGENT: International Creative Management – Todd Hoffman, Sophy Holodnik

Plum Pictures producing.

YES MAN by Nick Stoller
A man decides to change his life by saying yes to everything that comes his way. On his journey he wins $45,000, meets a hypnotic dog, obtains a nursing degree, travels the globe, and finds romance.

AGENT: United Talent Agency – Julien Thuan

Warner Brothers.


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