The Runway – Your 2015 Pilot Survival Guide: NBC Dramas



Times are tough when you’re the #1 network for a second consecutive year, and your chairman still is on the heat seat. But so it goes at NBC. This week we’re looking at Bob Greenblatt’s drama slate. Probably his most important ever (though I say that every year).
is dead at NBC, The Voice is fading, and football is expensive. Scripted drama is absolutely essential to the channel’s continued success.
If NBC had its version of Shonda Rhimes, it would be Dick Wolf. Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. have provided steady ratings. Chicago Med probably will too. But there’s only so many emergency units in Chicago that can be spun off, right?
The Blacklist has been another success story at the network, but one underutilized. Like ABC with Modern Family, NBC has failed to pair Blacklist with a ratings winner. NBC absolutely needs a drama equivalent of Black-ish, and it needs it this season.
Those who follow TV know NBC already announced their Fall slate on Monday. They picked some interesting shows to greenlight. Let’s see if there’s any hidden gems that NBC might have missed out on…

                  Blindspot     The Curse of the Fuentes Women    The Player    Game Of Silence

          Warrior    Unveiled      Shades Of Blue     Love Is a Four Letter Word    Heartbreaker

The complete list of greenlights, renewals, and cancellations


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