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Logline: Follows a young female pitcher who defies the odds when she becomes the first woman to play in the major leagues.
Cast: , Mark Paul Gosselaar,
Creators:  (Writer / EP), (Writer / EP), (EP), (EP), (D/EP)
Studios: 20th Century Fox

Pitch is a drama about Ginny Baker who becomes the first female Major League pitcher when she joins the San Diego Padres. The pilot tracks Ginny’s first ever Major League game, intercut with the training she received from her father throughout her life.

Like Fogelman’s dramedy at NBC, this one stands apart from its competition. There’s nothing quite like it on Fox’s slate. Whereas most other pilots are driven by crime and action, this is — in true Fogelman style this year — mild drama. I find myself wondering yet again: is network really the right home for Pitch?

Ginny, our protagonist, is a driven and focused individual. 23. The first female Major League pitcher in history. That’s a lot of pressure that Ginny struggles not to crumble to. She’s complex in a nuanced way. Talks little. Keeps her distance from her peers. But these strengths are also her weaknesses.

Ginny is so focused on not messing up her first game that we don’t get to see enough of her other dimensions. There are no real dilemmas for her to resolve. No significant relationships that she seems interested in preserving.

I see why Fox might want to give Pitch a shot. With its strong sports theme and diverse cast, it has the potential to appeal to a wide demo. That said, I’m not sure the pilot does enough to pull viewers back in. There are some token cliffhanger reveals, but nothing especially interesting.

I’m going to label this as being execution-dependent as well.

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