TV SALES, PICK-UPS, & DEALS (07.23.12)


In Development

Martin Campbell and Georgeville are currently shopping a remake of the ’70s cult series BLAKE’S 7. While immensely popular in Europe during it’s run, the sci-fi series, pitched as “The Dirty Dozen” in space, never really took off in the states. “CSI” scribe Joe Pokaski has been tasked with writing the new series.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is using his shingle to purchase the rights to , a Ben H. Winters novel about policing just before the apocalypse, and developing it into a TV series. The recently published novel is the first in a trilogy.


has picked up a pilot from “The Office” and “Extras” co-creator Stephen Merchant and the writing team of Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupinsky. will follow Merchant as he scours the streets of looking for the perfect woman, failing to realize he is going for beautiful people way out of his league. ABC Studios is producing as well.


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