Uh Oh… all is NOT Well with Steven Spielberg’s TERRA NOVA…


Rumors of the new FOX series having difficulties have been around almost since the day the network bought the series, but with the news that the pilot budget was already out of control, and rising above $20 million now becoming commonplace, this little tidbit sure doesn’t help keep things calm.

Fox has now decided to fire the writing staff.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Fox has cut everyone from the writing staff who didn’t already have an overall deal with the network, letting go of about 90% of those behind the scenes.  While this does come as a shock to many, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.  Yes, letting your entire writing staff go, does seem like an end of days scenario, but it directly ties in with the booming budget for the pilot, which is now going to be pushed out as a 2-hour “Event” in May, 2011, with the rest of the series continuing later that fall.

So, yes the are gone, but Fox swears it was only a financial move, letting the off for a few months without paying them, before they attempt to hire them again for the fall run.  Either way, lets be honest, with Steven Spielberg, Peter Chernin and a long list of hot and already involved, this series is going to need to be HUGE right out of the gate, or it’s going to find itself on the chopping block simply based on budget alone.