Dirk and the team are unexpectedly reunited with an interesting friend – or foe? – in this week’s episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, “Two Broken Fingers”. In keeping with the show’s bizarre series of events, the episode unravels a bit more of our season mystery while Dirk questions the purpose of his holistic gift and Amanda and one of the Rowdy Three must rely on the fate of the universe to keep them out of the hands of Alan Tudyk, who is playing a very Alan Tudyk-y character in the show.

Yes, I know when we last spoke (or rather, I wrote and you read) I failed to mention that Alan Tudyk is in this season of Dirk Gently. Does that really surprise anyone, though? Frankly, I feel that it was bound to happen at some point. You almost can’t write quirky sci-if without Alan Tudyk popping up. In fact, I’m almost certain Alan Tudyk plays the starship in the new Star Trek series. And when I’m almost certain, I’m sometimes right. Occasionally.

Anywho, Alan Tudyk is in this new season of Dirk Gently with a Kevin Spacey a la House of Cards type accent, and it’s so befitting of Alan Tudyk it’s almost as if he has a tiny Alan Tudyk stuck in his throat, reading his lines for him. I have no idea if that makes sense to anyone but myself, but it seems like the very type of thing that would be the case in Dirk Gently.

Despite how many sentences I’ve now written on Alan Tudyk, he’s not a large portion of this episode. Instead, we spend most of the episode with Dirk, Todd, and Farrah (obviously) trying to uncover more of the mystery behind the 50-some year-old missing persons mystery that is now clearly a murder mystery, as Farrah points out that both the wife found in the old car, and the husband found in the tree trunk were dead before they wound up in their strange resting places.

And, surprise! Bart shows up at the police station to report the assault she fell victim to by the magic wand and the woman. Bart is surprisingly un-murdery, though Dirk and the gang don’t trust her one bit. I do love how naive Bart is to everything and everyone around her, and yet she has a much better understanding about how the universe works in her favor than even Dirk does. It’s the most fascinating dynamic, and she might possibly be my favorite character because of it. 

The show meanwhile continues to slowly dip more into its darker side, but there still isn’t that beautifully constructed contrast in tone that we saw in the first season, and I’m still pretty disappointed by that.

I’m also disappointed by how linear this mystery seems to be unraveling. Okay, I realize there are a lot of flaws to involving time travel in a storyline, and I definitely don’t think the show should continue to include that (for multiple reasons), but the buildup of discovery and the deepening mystery at the same time was much more even-keel in last season. Sure, we still have questions at the end of episode three, but in season one, getting some answers always led to more questions. As of right now in season two, I feel as though getting more answers just means getting more answers. I’d like a few more red herrings tossed in, a few more unraveled ends revealed, so that the show continues to feel like the speeding mystery train it was.

Still, all of that said, this show is what I would call a real page-turner. It keeps my attention and I want to know what happens next. It’s a full sensory-shock every episode, but not in a way that makes it feel overloaded. 

We also get the promise of potentially figuring out what in the world the weird fairytale place at the beginning of the show is, as Dirk and our team finally meet the strange pink-haired, scissor-wielding knight/prince/dude man. Unfortunately his terms for everything are so heavily shrouded in abstract meaning that we can’t begin to tell what in the world he’s talking about. And Dirk voices all of the confusion that we all feel after pink-haired dude tries to tell us where he came from and why he’s here.

One thing we can gather from his appearance – and other clues given to us in the episode – is that the conflict happening between his people and the people of the funky-looking castle has been fed by weapons shipments from Dirk’s reality. Yes, that’s right – I’m back to believing that these are somehow two separate worlds or universes, at the very least. Somewhere there is a gateway of some sort between Dirk’s reality and the pink-haired dude’s reality, and I think the man in the white suit has something to do with guns from Dirk’s world being supplied to the people of the pink-haired dude’s world. And we all know how the saying goes – don’t bring a pair of giant, sword-like scissors to a gunfight.

Is this a strange, veiled reflection on America’s own selfishly-motivated efforts to supply weapons to Israel for the conflict between Israel and Palestine? Or is it just inspired by this? Or am I way off in my guesses? Who knows, but this is my running theory for now, and I hope that the show continues to surprise me and I have to eat my own words.


Season 2, Episode 3 (S03E03)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency airs Saturdays at 8PM on CW

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