ILL BEHAVIOUR Review: “Episode 4”

I knew things would escalate as we got further into the series, but I did not know they would come this far this fast. Last week on Ill Behaviour we saw the hints of a blossoming romance between captive Charlie and degenerate doctor/sex addict Nadia. This week we saw more than a hint of that, and we saw main character Joel take a decidedly abrupt and dark turn.

We left off in episode three with Joel walking in on Charlie and Nadia doing some canoodling. He looks hurt and shocked. So what does he do this week? He rents an old bridge somewhere and arranges for an outdoors lunch for he and Nadia. Of course he kind of guilts her into staying once they get there and she reluctantly agrees. There he treats her to non-alcoholic champagne and confesses that he loves her. She tells him he’s not but he assures her he does. When she goes to leave, he calls for the doves to be released and the beautiful birds go flying free to more flat staring from Nadia. None of this has achieved his desired effect.

Maybe it is for this reason (that he needs positive attention from a female) that he returns to see Kira, Charlie’s wife. The police investigation for Charlie has been winding down, as they believe he most likely committed suicide. But Kira is not buying it. Who commits suicide in a place their body won’t be found? She carries on doing events to raise awareness about Charlie being missing, including a “yoga marathon” which Joel attends. When a psychic comes up to Kira and tells her that she’s spoken to Charlie in the “beyond” Joel takes personal offense and ushers the con artist away. He is being protective of Kira, even a bit touchy with her. I thought it was odd he was suddenly expressing some sort of romantic interest.

But the next time he sees Kira, she’s a wreck. Just really not doing well, completely off her healthy lifestyle. The next time he sees her, she says, she’ll be microwaving pizzas and smoking a pack a day. Perhaps some twangs of guilt spur this split moment decision, but Joel suddenly tells her that he’s heard form Charlie. He is in Scotland and he sent Joel a Snapchat message. Apparently he ran off with, you guessed it, Tess! Charlie says he couldn’t believe it either, and he can’t show Kira the message because it was on Snapchat and they disappear. Kira is relieved to hear Charlie is alive but of course hurt and angry that he’s run away with Tess. And of course she says Joel’s next move must be to go to the police to call off the investigation. He does so, and in the process, makes the lead investigator even more suspicious of him, as they could not track down any digital trace on his phone of a Snapchat message from Scotland.

Joel ultimately has to come clean with Tess about what he’s done, and predictably she is quite unhappy to be made the bad guy. To make matters worse, now she has to take a break from writing her novel to spend a week creating fake digital traces of Charlie being in Scotland.

To make matters even worse than that, Charlie and Nadia are in fact hitting it off. He has been helping her, as a sort of emotional support, through her attempt to get sober/kick her sex addiction. Charlie confesses to her that he is feeling a bit of Stockholm Syndrome. She kisses him, climbs on top of him, and tells him she loves him. Soon enough (and in a turn that felt like it happened a bit too quickly) they are fleeing Joel’s mansion together in the dead of night. Joel discovers Nadia missing when he goes to her room to apologize and soon he and Tess are hot on their tail. Charlie has a crossbow for some reason (and has been drinking). When they catch up to them, Nadia has pulled the car over realizing that Charlie was most likely conning her to escape and get back to his family. To prove that he wasn’t lying, she demands he have sex with her and climbs on top of him in the passenger seat. Joel sees this and soon a chase ensues into the woods, resulting in Joel accidentally firing a freakin’ crossbow arrow into Charlie’s back. Is he dead? I’m guessing not, but this can’t be good. And I have to assume the police are right around the corner…

TB-TV-Grade-B-Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
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