iZOMBIE Review: “Dirt Nap Time”

iZOMBIE entertains a return to pre-school when a popular teacher is murdered in “Dirt Nap Time.” iZombie owns the zom-com tone on television like The Walking Dead reigns with the dramatic. At some point, silly is going to happen. This week Blaine’s arc is in transition. Lover Blaine is out. Lost and lonely Blaine is in. Liv suspects he stole the cure and goes to the piano bar to confront him. He maintains he didn’t steal it, but she punches still him for the memory loss deception. Guilty.

Later, Don E drops in to tell Blaine he’s taking his clients, his brain inventory, and Candy, his underappreciated assistant. He doesn’t want any competition so Blaine has to find some other way to support himself, or not. Baracus tells Blaine he’s delivering a message from his father, takes out a gun and shoots him. We don’t see him die, but we leave him in pain headed for the eternal time-out.


Since Liv can’t get her hands on a cure, she eats the brain of this week’s victim, Jaime Brennan, a pre-school teacher murdered by fourteen nails to the head. No chance this was a break in, someone was under the influence of rage. Suspect number one is a single mom, Piper. She thought she had exclusive rights to Jaime’s bed time but discovered someone else’s panties under his mattress. Damn panties! Let he who is without… whatever, it happens.

Piper showed up angry and made a scene at school but she has a solid alibi for the time of death. Suspect number two, married mom number one, is Macy, one of Piper’s good friends. She’d been seeing Jaime off and on for over a year, long before Piper knew him. Macy’s husband, Will, confirms her alibi. Will tells Clive and Liv, he and Macy enjoy an open relationship. He knew all about Jaime and sometimes he’d watch them from the closet. I’ve heard of it but I don’t believe it. Clive does and moves on to suspect number three, Eleanor.


Eleanor’s husband also confirms her alibi but he isn’t as cool about the news of her infidelity as husband Will. He dissolves into a puddle of his own tears right in the interrogation room. Funny to look at, but much more believable. Liv’s flashes lead another direction entirely. She sees Macy spot a Honda Civic following her and Jaime on one of their dates. Clive runs the plate which is registered to a private investigator named Coleman Baker, great PI name. Coleman doesn’t give Clive the name of his client, but he lets Clive discover him, husband Will. Turns out, he didn’t have any kind of open arrangement with his wife. Will hired Coleman to follow Jaime and give him his address. Then, Coleman killed Jaime with a stolen nail-gun while Macy watched. Case solved, jealousy, murder two.

While Clive’s case was closing one of Peyton’s was falling apart. Peyton presents Weckler’s lawyer with a plea deal. She offers to knock ten years off a thirty-year sentence if he turns over the dominatrix’s security camera memory chip. At first, Weckler refuses, he says the chip is the only thing keeping him alive. However, his lawyer makes a valiant attempt to convince him to turn it over and right when he’s about to agree, Donald Thorne, a much fancier defense lawyer bursts into the room. Thorne convinces Weckler to fire his public defender and except full time, no deal, in under thirty seconds. Thorne tells Peyton the memory card doesn’t exist and Weckler agrees to his full thirty-year sentence. It’s a brief win for Peyton, that night, Weckler hangs himself in his cell.


Now, Peyton agrees with Weckler’s first lawyer. The case doesn’t add up. Peyton turns to Ravi for help. Ravi reports cause of death was asphyxiation, it looks like a proper hanging. However, he suggests Peyton ask Liv for help. Since there doesn’t seem to be a hurry, Ravi offers to soak Weckler’s brain in the super-blue solution for ten days to give Liv the strongest flashes. This should be a really cool brain for Liv when it’s ready, Weckler suffered from a short list of mental issues.

Major keeps his humanity secret from Filmore Graves but his buddy Justin figures it out. Justin likes Major and vows to keep his secret, but he has a crush on Liv too and asks Major if he’d be okay asking her out on a date. Major passes on the invite, when Liv decides to check out Don E’s new club for signs of the stolen cure. Liv and Justin hit the club. He knows she’s on pre-school teacher brain and tolerates all her positive reinforcement. The man is a saint. Liv confronts Don E about the stolen cure and he makes a dramatic, grandiose denial. There’s no evidence that he’s made any big sales lately, but he’s hardly trustworthy.

Later, the tracking device Major hid in Harley Johns’ truck shows him headed for a protected zombie’s estate. Major and Justin ambush Johns with a spike strip, but he throws his truck in reverse and runs over Justin.  At first, he’s shocked to have rolled over a human being, until he sees Justin sit up and snap his broken bones back into place. Johns tries to flee in reverse with his flat tires, but Justin catches up to him and jumps up on the hood. Johns shakes him off, but leaves with clear dash-cam footage of Justin in full red-eyed zombie mode. It’s the proof hater Johns and his clan have been looking for.

Season 3, Episode 7 (S03E07)
iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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