PRISON BREAK Review: “Phaeacia “

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The next installment of this action packed season of   picks right up where they left off with “Phaeacia” as Michael and Lincoln are loose in the desert. They’ve escaped Yemen and are on the hunt for a new way home which has become even harder since their faces are connected to the assassination of ISIL leader Abu Ramal.  It wasn’t going to be an easy feat since their escape plans are never simple but alas they get out in a pair of vehicles with ISIL soldiers in close proximity.

Which doesn’t even amount to the obstacles already in their way when Poseidon’s two hitman, A&W and Van Gogh use their connections at NSA to spy on Michael and Lincoln using drones. But when Van Gogh’s mouth got ahead of him Henry Kishida told them Kaniel Outis’ whereabouts to ISIL forces in Sana’a. It all lead to a firefight at a filling station. The NSA quickly gave them the boot but not before Michael used the gas station’s computer to send a screen capture of himself, tattooed palms up, to an Elvis-loving suspect.I never even saw this one coming and I’m excited to see what other tools they’ll pull out their bags.  

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Meanwhile, C-Note flys  Sheba and the girls to safety. While Michael, Linc, Whip and Ja sought out Sheba’s friend Omar, who was about to seeking his own way out, claims to not have enough room in the vehicle. Omar even goes as far as to offer a van he has parked in a garage down the street if they can get to it in time. When they actually do get to the van it turns out to be a trap. The trio manages to escape in the van and they even attempt to get on good terms with Omar, who previously  pistol-whipped Whip. He represented their only “map” out of Sana’a  to Phaeacia.

It actually works and their escape plan is set back into motion.Lucky for us the entire ISIL army was standing too close to an explosive gas that erupted by stray bullets giving our guys just enough time to escape into the desert.  Cyclops — Sheba’s sexual predator — escaped the explosion and ended up in a struggle with Michael that cost him his good eye when Michael jammed a screwdriver into his socket. This was the best action fight of the episode! Michael really is at his best when he’s sticking it to the bad guy. Literally! 

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Michael didn’t make it out as easy as we hoped because Cyclops stuck him in the side with a weird object. Michael was separated from the rest of the group and had to make it on his own. He eventually did meet up with everyone else at the rendezvous point but he was injured so badly I wonder if he’ll make it. Hopefully, someone will be able to patch him up so he can live to fight another day. 

Overall, this episode brings us to an exciting turn this season with an exciting look at both sides of the coin we’re already on our way to building to a action packed climax. I’m excited to see what A&W and Van Gogh do next in their quest for Michael since it really does seem like anything is possible.

What did you think of “Phaeacia”? Do you think Michael will make it?


Season 5, Episode 6 (S05E06)
Prison Break airs Tuesday at 9PM on FOX

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