PRISON BREAK Review: “The Liar”

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“The Liar” finally gave us the episode we’ve been waiting for and holds true to the fact that Michael Scofield is one step ahead when it comes to the business of breaking out of prisons… at least until the plan falls apart. We should have known better than to think that a simple plan like turning off the lights would actually work since Michael is always at his best when things are more complicated.  The power outage actually caused a prison riot, and when a few other inmates — including Abu Ramal — noticed that Michael and his cell mates were making a break out of a ceiling vent they also tried to get in the escape ultimately leading to their capture.

Meanwhile, Lincoln passed time by getting a fake passport from the guy who took his real passport. He also found the time to break up a sexual assault on Sheba. First of all the sexual assault wasn’t needed and in no way moved the story forward it was beyond clear that the entire scene was just a throw away scene that was poorly executed. In 2017, you would think scenes like this would be handled with a bit more care and are only shown when necessary but alas this show has proven you wrong. I hope that if this show ever decides to touch on something as sensitive as this in times like this that it would be done with more thought and concern for the subject and subjects.

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Sara and her husband had words about a hacked phone that sort of left me at a loss for why the scene even matter but I digress she  learned that Kellerman may have been the hacker. We also learned of a plan that involves Sarah leading the mysterious agents behind her first attack to Michael. Her husband being the waste of screentime that he’s been for the first couple of episodes forced her to call T-Bag for help. Obviously, she was desperate but that even shocked me.

This was packed full of back story that really tied up loose ends and began to answer questions I’ve had since the first episode of this revival. I had a feeling that Whip and Michael have been breaking out of prisons before but it seems  this may have happened in the seven years Michael was presumed to be dead.  We also learned why Michael is in Ogygia in the first place, to break Ramal out for the U.S. government.  How did this all go wrong? Betrayal of course! By who? We don’t know yet but it’s safe to say they’re on their own now. Why did Michael deviate from the plan?

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It’s clear he’s no longer trying to break Ramal out of prison anymore. Unfortunately for Michael he’s already promised to help him out and if we’ve learned anything from the past seasons it’s never lie to another inmate because it always catches up to you. However, Michael hasn’t learned this lesson yet because he does just that. It seems we could be hitting a wall that will leave Michael and the crew down a dangerously exciting path.

This episode was full of great setup and character building which has proven to be very necessary to keep the story going as looking back on last week’s episode did feel a bit dry.  It finally feels like the show is getting somewhere worth watching! The episode is full of the unknown and uncertainty that was so desperately needed with only 6 episodes left in the series I think we’ve finally have a reason to keep tuning in. 


Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
Prison Break airs Tuesday at 9PM on FOX

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  1. Prison break is one of my favorite Tv series. I really enjoyed this episode and it was very interesting.

  2. Prison break is very cool movie.

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