PRISON BREAK Review: “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”

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In the 4th installment of the tension heats up with a prison break-in and a prison break-out. We finally get the no holding back episode we’ve been craving since the announcement of this series return. You know it’s going to be an action packed episode with last month’s ending and this week in “Prisoner’s Dilemma” we finally get a few more answers. It seems like a lot has happened since our previous episode and for us this may actually be a good thing. With all the setup from last episode it’s great to finally unwrap what could have been going on behind the scenes. 

ISIL is setting Yemen on fire everyone has been in fear of the pushback as they pushed towards a complete takeover, which even left the prison guards scared since they bailed out as soon as the tension started to build. Yes, the tough prison guards that were holding Michael behind bars called it quits and left their posts, leaving Ogygia to fend for itself. This moment actually gave Michael the perfect time to find a way out. This show never misses an opportunity to  dive into irony, as Michael was working on his way out, Lincoln was working to find a way in to help him escape. I was worried they would miss each other and we’d end up with a bunch of predictable episodes to follow but they eventually found each other and finally reunited after so many years.

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The reunion was bittersweet since it caused a major moment that luckily for us we didn’t see coming. In the haste of trying to get to freedom, ISIL leader and resident madman Abu Ramal was killed by Whip. It was all caught and camera and broadcast on TV for everyone to see. This includes every ISIL soldier in Yemen, as they now know who’s responsible for the murder of their leader. No, this isn’t good for us or our star characters but if we’ve learned anything from the previous seasons, we know that Michael and Lincoln will find a way to make this work in their favor. 

As the growing tension in the country looms over us like a cloud that won’t go away, we learn more about the bad guy or girl who supposedly sent Michael into free Ramal and gave T-Bag his new robo-hand. Lucky, for us Kellerman gave T-Bag the download and we learned that this person is ex-CIA, sent Michael into Ogygia to release Abu Ramal and operates independently. Not only is this important for us to finally figure out what is actually going on it gives us even more to look forward to in the episodes that follow. I’m actually looking forward to all the action packed revenge scenes that we all know is coming! 

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The last couple of minutes of each episode always give me another reason to keep watching. Actually the last few of minutes of this season have come to be my favorite in every episode thus far. The biggest OMG moment came at the very end of the episode when T-Bag tracked the hitmen down and it was saw the meeting with Jacob, Sara’s husband! I actually didn’t even see this coming since he appears to be so weak and timid, especially in the first episode. He fell to the grown like a toddler who can’t walk it’s almost silly now that I think about it. He was shaping up to be the weakest character this season but as we both know looks and actions can be deceiving in Prison Break. Could Jacob could be Poseidon?  What other tricks does he have up sleeve?

Since this reveal was so good I hope we continue to pull back layers on each character to reveal a different side we haven’t seen before. I never expected a reveal to be so early in the season but with a short episode order anything is possible. It’s our biggest and arguably most interesting clue that may lead us to find out who Poseidon could actually be.  Since we’ve learned so much about this mysterious character it was refreshing to see the most mundane character to possibly be the biggest enemy. I can’t wait to see the look on Sarah’s face when she finds out what Jacob is up too. I look forward to the when all four of them are in the same room after everything comes out. 
What did you think of this episode?  Do you think Jacob is Poseidon?



Season 5, Episode 4 (S05E04)
Prison Break airs Tuesday at 9PM on FOX

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